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QUICK UPDATE + My POV on Jobs – The Real Michael Tanzer

It’s been a while everyone! I’m back with a new topic, but this time, it’s all about my POV on jobs!

For those of who living with Autism, it’s very rare to find a job and let’s face it: Finding a job might be tricky, but don’t give up! You’ll find a perfect job one day!

And don’t get me wrong! This is why every company in US/Canada (for example; Comedy Central, South Park Studios, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Funimation, Nintendo) SHOULD hire people (like me of course!) on the spectrum by showing off their own talented skills (when it comes to drawing, writing or giving ideas). And don’t get me wrong! I’ve always wanted to write future episodes of South Park so badly, I mean it’s one of my favourite TV shows that I grew up watching it throughout my whole life.

Just like how Marvel Studios allowed Chloe Zhao a lot of creative freedom in order to film Eternals, why not let companies like Comedy Central or South Park Studios do the same thing too? One solution: By dropping the unsolicited submissions policy in exchange for his/her own creative control and special treatment.

And that’s still why I’M NOT GIVING UP on my own dreams but instead, I’ll keep on going until I reach to the top.

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