Q&A: Your Questions Answered!

So many of you have been asking questions and I am here to answer them!

What is Perimenopause? What is the average timeline for Menopause? My Gyn won’t take hormone levels, what do I do? If any of these are questions that you may have, I am here to help you and give you the resources you need.

Each and every one of you deserve the knowledge of your body, how to power through menopause, and what you need to manage your health. We are in this together!

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– About Dr. Mary Claire Haver and The Galveston Diet –
Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a passionate women’s health advocate who believes women in midlife deserve to live their best life. She cuts through fat-shaming and fads, so women are empowered with the science behind anti-inflammation nutrition.

Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a wife, mom, physician, and entrepreneur who has devoted her adult life to women’s health. As a Board-Certified OBGYN in the Houston area, Dr. Haver has delivered thousands of babies, completed thousands of well-woman exams, counseled patients, taught residents, and did everything an academic professor and OBGYN could do.

As her patient population aged, Dr. Haver was overwhelmed with the number of complaints and concerns her patients had with weight gain while going through menopause. For years, she told her patients to eat less and exercise more. It wasn’t until she experienced the changes of menopause and mid-life weight gain that she realized this advice doesn’t work and ultimately led to her creating and developing a new program, The Galveston Diet.

The Galveston Diet is the first and only nutrition program created by a Female OBGYN, designed for women in menopause. The Galveston Diet helps women reach their health and wellness goals through an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition. Dr. Haver believes in food’s power to combat inflammation and highly recommends the unlimited benefits of intermittent fasting. As part of her ongoing research, she became certified in Culinary Medicine in 2019, specializing in medical nutrition.


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37 thoughts on “Q&A: Your Questions Answered!”
  1. I thought I was too young in my late 30s as well. Turns out I found a good ob/gyn who didn’t ignore my night sweats, overall heat intolerance, etc. Turns out my thyroid is out of way due to an autoimmune disease. Don’t accept being ignored. I could have died if my disease went untreated.

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the information about collagen I can add that I have been doing a doctor promoted brand of collagen for several years and my skin is very tight and I look much younger than my chronological age of 59. It has done wonders for my body and definitely strengthens bones as well. No one should be saying anything bad about collagen if it is of high quality. Thank you so much for the videos you produce I've been following you for a while and you are insightful and very informative.

  3. Meta-Balance by Thorne has been a life saver for me. It has Chaste tree, wild yam root, black cohosh and pycnogenol. I also take ashwagandha and I supplement with Sparkle collagen and fiber. I hope this helps someone looking for some relief from menopausal symptoms 🙏🏼💗

  4. My husband and I went on a mission trip to Zambia & Kenya 20 years ago and had the privilege of staying at the Masai Mara Game Reserve for a couple nights…so so amazing and the people/staff are among the most gracious we've ever encountered! Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  5. Hi 👋 I'm a new subscriber I am 57 and I'm in horrible debilitating menopause .and was peri in my early 30s.been suffering praticly all my life. My mom had heart problems and also passed on from colon cancer. My dad passed on from heart attack. I've had test done my heart is fine and calcium score came back 0.but my doctor still won't approve HRT. I'm really terribly depressed I've had every symptom in the book. And I'm so tired of being tired 😪 I live in fear every day thinking I'm going to die soon I'm afraid to go out much because I get panic attacks. So I stay pretty much at home. My family is so tired of me complaining about my pains and menopause. It feels very lonely and nobody wants to help me! I don't understand much about what medicine to take or vitamins. I've never taken anything for menopause at all is it to late for me? Do I still have a chance to be happy beacuse what I'm going through is not living!

  6. True autoimmunes get worse at perimenapause. I sometimes feel my whole body is falling apart. Do you have doctors in Europe you work with? Perhaps a joint discussion would be helpful for us living in Europe. I also find the bloating sometimes very difficult.

  7. I have had crazy symptoms starting at age 35. Hot flashes, irregular periods, palpitations, involuntary muscle twitching, GI issues. I've seen a gastroenterologist, a cardiologist, a neurologist, have and soooo many tests and scans. Negative ANA, lupus and tick born illness. The GYN just wanted to put me on birth control. I've been so discouraged. I appreciate hearing it's possible I might be in premenopause. I've been tracking my food using the chronometer app over the last few weeks. That's been helpful. I have found avoiding sugar has helped with my hot flashes and also taking Vitex/Chaste Berry.

  8. I’m your age and have been struggling with fibroids and anemia not sure if I’m even in peri menopause because I have been bleeding for 5 weeks now , I’m on a prescription to try and put me into menopause, otherwise hysterectomy option, I’ve been Keto, supplements and as much as walking as I can but I’m really feeling my uterus has got to go . Can you advise?

  9. Love your videos & I’m glad I found you! I’m sharing your videos and Website. Great info and you have found your passion for sure. The end of the video was funny – 30 f in hours to get here! And the old peeps kickin ass! We all want to be those people;)

  10. Greetings from a Kenyan in Norway! I will be in the Maasai Mara June next year. I follow you and love your channel❤️. I had endometriosis stage 4 and had a total hysterectomy at 41 and hence medicinal menopause as from 2015. I use an ostrogen patch twice a week. Do I need to get checked if endometriosis is reoccurring due to use of oestrogen patches. Do I need to get a bone density test too?.

  11. I've struggled with my weight managed to keep it within reasonable range but now hitting 60 it's worse and so hard to get it off and I have graves disease which supposed to cause weight loss mmm but not with me ,just found your channel excellent 🌹

  12. You have motivated me to cut sugar and other inflammatory foods from my diet. I’m 38 and pretty sure I’ve got some peri menopausal symptoms starting. I also use your teaching with my own menopausal and peri menopause patients. Thank u. Enjoy your vacay

  13. Do you have any episodes on SSRI and menopause symptoms ? So many of us have been shamed and told so much inaccurate information . Would appreciate your experience in those meds.

  14. I am 55 & in peri-menopause. Have had many of the symptoms for 6 years now. My DR told me that I can not have HRT prescribed until I have gone one year without a period? Talked to my endocrinologist about it & she said the same thing. Both have basically said just have to accept the changes. I still have all reproductive parts, no hysterectomy or tubal ligation.

  15. Hi Doctor, I have factor v Leiden and my research makes me think I should still be a candidate for transdermal estrogen despite the factor v Leiden. Do you feel that factor v alone is a contraindication? Thanks so much

  16. I am 52. Haven’t had a period in 1 1/2 years. I have always yo-yo’d with my weight, but have always been able to go back down after an up. But not anymore. I am stuck. I stopped eating sugar, bad carbs and processed food. Doing a hiit workout and walking 2 miles daily. When I go on a healthy eating plan I become very constipated. My family has a history of esophageal, ovarian and breast cancer. I live in southern WV and am finding it hard to find a gynecologist with the knowledge even close to yours. I am so confused about what kind of hrt I should be on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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