Q&A with a diagnosed narcissist! (And later one of his friends! @Nicole Marran )

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Hello, The Nameless Narcissist here. I talk about NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder), BPD (borderline personality disorder) and other personality disorders in a way to dispel stigma and raise mental health awareness. Many misconceptions about pathological narcissism exist, and as someone who is a diagnosed Narcissist myself, I want to help people understand us and other cluster B personality disorders. I have a wealth of information based on studies I’ve researched over the years as well as my own personal experience. Know I’m no professional and despite my knowledge every person with NPD is different. But I hope you enjoy and have a good day.

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11 thoughts on “Q&A with a diagnosed narcissist! (And later one of his friends! @Nicole Marran )”
  1. Why do narcs love and respect prostitutes. My ex left me for one an ex friend of mine. And I have too admit he really loved the bitch. The slut is a whore. He humiliated me Infront of my ex friend. We were good friends before him. I'm getting over it slowly.

  2. Psychosomatic doesn't mean hypochondria (perceived issues that aren't really there) it's in reference to real symptoms that are created by the mind.

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