Push to legalize medical marijuana in Florida

There is another push to legalize medical marijuana in the State of Florida. Rep. Jeff Clemens, a democrat from Lake Worth, introduced legislation for a second …


15 thoughts on “Push to legalize medical marijuana in Florida

  1. Florida drug policy is so FUBAR, we send ppl to jail for up to 5 years for only having miniscule amounts of Cannabis. The cops in my city live off of busting college students for this plant, and if it were to get legalized or decriminalized, most of them would have to find something else to fill there time. Out of the college students arrested in my city, are busted for a little bit of pot, nothing more nothing less. I know one thing once im done with school im moving out of this state. GESTAPO.

  2. Coffee is a drug too. The senior citizen at 0:39 says, "it's a drug. I don't want to see anyone on drugs." Hey, get rid of alcohol and nicotine too. It's going to be legalized or the politicians against it won't win votes.

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