Did you ever have one of those laying in bed moments that result in a great idea? Well, I seem to have a lot of those lately with my teething toddler waking at odd hours leaving me restless at 4am. So I think! Which is never good so I try to think about fun things I can do with Sweet Pea or ways I can help my sister with her blog. So here we are with my 4am idea that incorporates something fun with Sweet Pea, helping my sister and Buttercup Valentines.

Pucker Up Buttercup Valentines

Pucker Up Valentines Cards - Valentine Crafts for Kids

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1bag Hershey Kisses
1 bag small yellow cupcake liners
Tacky glue
Scrap paper and/or foam

I used a small scrap of red foam as the card and covered the inside of 2 cupcake liners with tacky glue. Lay flat on foam card and then glue two liners in the center of the flattened liner. Using glue add a dot to 2 kisses and place within the cupcake liner. Add green stems and leaves. Last add the words, Pucker Up. I used scrap paper and stickers to create this one. But printed labels may look cute too!

Pucker Up Buttercup Valentines Cards - Valentine Crafts for Kids

Enjoy and don’t forget to pucker up this Valentine’s Day!!

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