Not only do I love her immediate goals of helping parents prepare their finances for welcoming a baby into the fold, I also love that she has a great vision of where she would like to see maternal and paternal health and financial health cross paths to better support our community.

We vibed so well, I have invited Miranda to be our guest speaker at our group prenatal for December to talk all about Planning For Your Baby’s College Fund! We have also opened this prenatal up to our entire community, so if you are past or present client, or just a follower of CBW, join us at 10am on December 2nd. RSVP for Zoom link.

And now, let’s get to know Miranda!

What made you first get interested in financial planning?

I was deeply moved by a conversation I had once with an elderly widower. He was expressing his gratitude that his late wife had thought ahead to get their proverbial “financial ducks” in a row, and worked with a trusted advisor to not only plan for retirement but also allow them to leave a legacy to their children. I keep a rubber duck at my desk now as a reminder of the importance of getting those “ducks” squared away, and the multigenerational impact of sound financial planning.

How has motherhood changed the focus of your career?

I’ve been devoting more time to helping new parents and young professionals get on the right track financially, balancing current financial responsibilities with working toward long term goals. I’ve also shifted to provide more resources for the “sandwich generation” of working adults, who are trying to balance the logistics and financial responsibilities of taking care of their aging parents as well as their children- alongside saving for their own financial future.


What do you wish more parents to be or new parents knew in regards to their financial health and wellbeing?

Building good financial habits early on can have a tremendous impact on your family’s long-term financial future. Creating a budget and managing debt can help you stay on track with your savings goals. Take advantage of your employer’s retirement savings plan if you have one, and create a financial strategy to save and to invest. If you’re not sure where to start, or what strategies would be appropriate for your situation, talk it over with a trusted financial advisor.


I know for myself, financial planning isn’t a strong suit. How can more women feel confident and empowered to make the choices and goals that work best for them, their careers and retirement, and their overall financial outlook? 

This is so important. As women, we share experiences that most men don’t- such as taking time away from a career to care for children or aging loved ones. Here are 5 key questions that can help you think through your needs, goals, and values and help you make the right financial decisions for your unique situation.

1. Where am I today?

2. Where would I like to be?

3. Can I get there?

4. How do I get there?

5. How can I stay on track?

It’s important to review your situation and goals regularly to help stay on track, especially as goals shift or life events happen. A trusted financial advisor can help with this process.


When you are not working with clients, where can we find you? 

Mostly, trying to keep up with my toddling 12-month-old baby girl Noah as she constantly inspects every inch of our home, while singing along to the Moana soundtrack (I know all the words…all of them). Or, we might be out for a long walk with my husband Chris. You might also find me indulging in some wine for a Zoom girls’ night or starting a DIY craft project. As an international family, we love traveling any opportunity we have, and look forward to getting back to that when the pandemic subsides.

Pretty great person to know, right?


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