Proper tools needed to diagnose long COVID, especially for elderly patients

Proper diagnostic tools are needed to find out if a patient is suffering from long COVID. It is not a formal medical condition or diagnosis, but refers to a range of varied and persistent symptoms experienced by some patients after COVID. Experts said many elderly patients who have long COVID are not even aware they have the condition, as some of their pre-existing conditions mask the long COVID symptoms. And, if they are not treated properly, it could lead to more health problems.

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7 thoughts on “Proper tools needed to diagnose long COVID, especially for elderly patients”
  1. 🙏Try to bring along some hand sanitizers or disinfectants in your checked baggage when you’re travelling overseas. Try to ensure that the weight does not exceed 0.5 litres or 0.5 kg per article and 2 litres or 2 kg in total. For cabin baggage, the usual 100ml limit for liquids will apply. Try to practice good personal hygiene. Try to sanitise your hands regularly when you cannot wash them with soap. Try to disinfect your WC toilet seats before use. There are options like water-based pocket-size hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray guns, and antibacterial dishwashing liquids. ECOSAM supports low-wage families and sponsors NDP 2022. Take care and thank you all.🙏

  2. So this is not something new.
    How many Singaporeans will be facing the EXPENSIVE long medical Recovery ahead? Will the Govt be footing the medical bills?
    Since Last Year 8 or 9 months ago, I have already asked about the issue and furnished the reference and asked whether the Govt will set up the medical funds;
    The reference I cited was: ISS Report No 15/2021 – Long-COVID management principles. Version of July 1, 2021.

  3. Def. NOT the PHONY PCR test. Nobel Prize winning creator Kary Mullis clearly told us it was NOT 2B used as a diagnostic tool. re: "Long COVID" FEAR driven catch-phrase. Immediately adding to NEWSPEAK dictionary.

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