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Printable Nature Walk Bingo – Fork and Beans

In honor of Earth Day coming up, I wanted to find ways to celebrate Mother Earth with my son, especially since I’ve been “homeschooling” his during this pandemic. And I put homeschool in loose quotes since he is only three and technically not enrolled in school. But let’s be honest, having some lesson plans/activities geared up actually helps me get through my days, so I created this printable Nature Walk Bingo for us.

Click here for your (free) downloadable printable Nature Walk Bingo. Just print it out and laminate (optional) in order to make them last longer. Plus I you laminate them, you can use a Dry Erase marker to cross off each item that you see in nature for a reusable game of fun.

Maybe I should have made a Covid-19 version of this Bingo game, including things to find like: a face mask, someone adhering to the proper amount of social distancing, and an empty street but that felt a little bleak. We aren’t getting outdoors too often but I am thinking Nature Walk Bingo might get us excited about getting into some fresh air.

To pin this for later, here you go:

Stay tuned for more Earth Day ideas. Like I said, I’ve been planning up a storm so I will have lots to share. And don’t forget to download this printable Nature Walk Bingo sheet.

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