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Presentations & Speakers for Claritycon Reimagined on April 9, 2021

The fourth Claritycon2020-2021 Reimagined event is coming up on April 9, 2021! Tickets are still available. We hope you’ll join us online or in person!

upcoming presentations

Understanding OCD and Treatment in Children and Adolescents

Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth McIngvale


  1. Understand diagnostic criteria/basic principles of OCD and appropriate treatment
  2. Understand impact of stigma and low access to appropriate mental health treatment
  3. Understand the importance of support in treatment
  4. Understand the importance of relapse prevention and advocacy

Continuing education units (CEUs): 2

Behavior and Aggression: Trauma Focused Behavioral Strategies for Success

Speaker: Dr. Steven Gonzalez


  1. Understand the basic functions of behavior and aggression
  2. Understand how Trauma may influence behavior
  3. Understand 3-term contingencies and how they play a role in future aggressive behaviors

Continuing education units (CEUs): 1

Change, trauma, and supporting children of military families.

Speaker: Dr. Monica Escamilla


  1. Learn about the challenge of change among children of military families
  2. Learn preventive strategies and interventions to protect the mental health of military children
  3. Learn how to recognize signs of trauma in children and aid in the healing process

Continuing education units (CEUs): 1

covid-19 safety precautions

Despite the mask mandate in Texas lifting, the safety measures at Claritycon Reimagined are not changing. Most attendees watch the event online since it is both livestreamed and recorded.

The “live studio audience” at KLRN Public Television will continue to follow these guidelines.

  • Temperatures are taken at the door.
  • Masks are required when moving about the studio and stage.
  • Attendees are seated at individual, socially distant tables.
  • Breakfast comes in individually packaged boxes.
  • Bottled water is provided and a designated server is the only person who handles pouring coffee.
  • Giveaway material is individually packaged and placed on each table prior to attendees’ arrival.
  • Attendees are asked to use the restroom when needed, rather than waiting for a break, to prevent lines.

on-demand presentations

Claritycon Reimagined sessions are recorded and posted online two weeks after the events. Previous courses are available on-demand now.

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