Premature Ejaculation Exercise

In this section, we will talk about the ejaculation exercise and other techniques that may help in treating premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation has various treatment methods. While it may begin with Counseling to understand the psychological relationship and professional aspects of the ailment, the treatment may include natural Behavioral techniques along with Topical anesthetics and Medications.

You need to have loads of patience while treating early
ejaculation because a sexologist may take time to find the treatment or right
treatment combinations that will work for you.

The most common and time-tested effective line of treatment is Behavioral treatment coupled with drug therapy.

Premature ejaculation exercises – Behavioral techniques

 There are simple therapies that involve simple steps like masturbating before intercourse so you can delay the climax and ejaculation during intercourse. Your sexologist might recommend spending time and focusing on the foreplay rather than thinking about the intercourse right away. This will help you get rid of sexual pressure and fear.

What are Pelvic floor muscles exercises?

 It is the Premature Ejaculation Exercise for Male to tighten pelvic floor muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles are reasons you cannot control or prevent early ejaculation. Weak pelvic muscle curbs your ability to stop or delay early discharge. Kegel exercise is a very effective and widely practiced and recommended Pelvic floor exercise to tighten pelvic floor muscles.

How can you perform the exercise?

The primary aim of the premature ejaculation exercise is to find the right muscles first. To do that, you need to stop urination in midstream. These prompt the use of your pelvic floor muscles and you can identify them. You can now get started with the Kegel exercise. You can start doing the exercises in a lying position because you will find it easier to exercise in the lying position initially.

How to perfect the technique?

Your aim is to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. For that, you need to hold the contraction for three seconds to tighten the muscle, then release it and relax for three seconds. Do it a few times at a stretch. You will feel after some time of practicing that your muscles are getting stronger. You can even try doing this exercise in a sitting or a standing position, or even while walking.

How to maintain your focus?

You need to focus on tightening your pelvic muscles to get the best results. Be careful that this exercise should not affect any other muscles in your body except the pelvic floor muscle. Do not hold your breath at any point during the exercise. You need to breathe easily and freely throughout the exercise session.

You can repeat the exercise 3 times a day and try to repeat it 10 times. Try to complete 3 sets in a day.

Pause-squeeze to control Premature Ejaculation

 Your doctor might advise you on this method called the pause-squeeze technique and ask your partner to help you in this.

How to do the Pause-Squeeze technique?

You need to start your normal sexual activity as you do it regularly. You need to stimulate your penis until it is almost ready to ejaculate. Just before the ejaculation, ask you your partner to squeeze at the point where the head called glans, and the shaft joins the end of your penis. Ask your partner to keep it squeezed until you do not feel the urge to ejaculate. You need to repeat this process with the help of your partner. Repeat the squeeze process until you can do it yourself without the help of the partner.

Try to practice the pause-squeeze technique. By repeating, you can gain comfort and confidence that you can now control the ejaculation, You can reach the point of entering your partner and prevent the early discharge. You will achieve it after practicing for some time. You will get the feeling that you know how to delay ejaculation. This can become a habit, and you will never require the pause-squeeze technique.

If you are not comfortable with the pause-squeeze technique that you will know after a couple of sessions that may cause pain or discomfort, you can switch to the stop-start technique. This will help you stop sexual stimulation just before ejaculation. You need to wait until you reach the level of arousal that has dwindled and then start it all over again. 


 There are Condoms in the market that help reduce penis sensitivity that can help delay ejaculation. 


 Counseling helps by talking with a sexologist. You can talk about your relationships, experiences on sex, fear, anxiety, so on and so forth. This will help reduce performance anxiety in you. It will help you in coping with stress. Sexologists often use Counseling with drug therapy or medication. Premature ejaculation may distant you from your sexual partner. This may cause you to feel irritable, anxious, angry, and even ashamed or upset. The crack between you and your partner expands. The more you talk about the problem more will you get a solution to the problem, and the sexologist or your relationship counselor can help you in a better way.

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