Pregnancy Hack! DON’T DO THIS if you don’t want SPD PAIN. 😭🧜‍♀️ #shorts

You need to know this to Prevent pelvic pain (SPD) in pregnancy :

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24 thoughts on “Pregnancy Hack! DON’T DO THIS if you don’t want SPD PAIN. 😭🧜‍♀️ #shorts”
  1. First time pregnant and I do the one I’m not suppose to do ! Hahaha woops!!! I’ll keep this in mind tonight when I have to get up to go the RR for the 100th time to pee! 😂

  2. Nah for real though I kinked my ureter over and ended up with a kidney infection because I would flop around like this 7 months pregnant. Move gently and try not to twist.

  3. Wish I knew this a few weeks ago, I've pulled a muscle in my Overy area and it's not got better. Hurts so much when I turn over. 3 weeks left until he's born so I'm just pushing through.

  4. Okay so I tried to do this and my pelvis hurt during the whole entire process I probably should’ve stopped as my doctor “if it starts to hurt stop doing it” 😅

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