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Power Core Words in Action!

Once we figure out what top core words we want to target over the next month, I have families brainstorm all the routines and activities they could infuse this word into.  In the classroom, think about what activities your student enjoys and remember this doesn’t always have to involve a toy or object!  Some kiddos love songs and to jump on the trampoline.  Maybe they love lining up to go outside.  Sometimes the answer isn’t always obvious or what we THINK they prefer.  For example, I for this one student I was targeting the word “open”.  We made a list of some routines and activities that we could use the word open with:

Mealtimes: open the snack bags, juice carton, straw wrapper

Circle time: open the game, open the mystery box up

Play time:  he loves trains so I put small pieces of this train into a Tupperware with a lid so that he would have to open it to get the preferred pieces

Work with teacher: open the glue, paints, marker caps, game

Toileting: open the pull up

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