If you know us here at the Autism Helper, you know our passion for increasing and encouraging communication!  Everyone has a right to communicate, and it is our job as educators, therapists, providers, parents, assistants (ie: everyone) to find ways do this!  Now, as in home special educator for the youngest of the youngest, I am finding that I am not only empowering children with language, but I am also teaching their parents too!  Additionally, there’s a major shift from being in the classroom to the home…before I was in complete control of what was being practiced and implemented, now I depend on my wonderful families to be the main teacher.  We always want to be offering communication and language opportunities to our students whether through their dedicated device, a core language board, low tech, high tech, everything!  If you are a newer teacher to core language or maybe you too are trying to empower your parents at home, I have found a focus that encourages using core words.  Power core words.      


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