“There is something so beautiful and raw, a woman coming back into her body after fully surrendering and bringing life into this world. ⁠ Now holding her babe next to her breasts, after she had been carrying him for the last 9 months in her womb.” – Words by Alyssa Leon

Postpartum is such a sacred space in time. Your body has just given birth, and now everything your body does, is for your baby. Swollen breasts, dripping milk, sleepless nights and a full heart.

As birth photographers, we love when families choose to document this time. We hope to encourage and empower others to love and embrace their body during this transition. Here are some of our favorite postpartum images from our Birth Becomes You Facebook Group for birth photographers.

Be sure to scroll down and check them all out, including a beautiful postpartum video. Leave us a comment and tell us about your postpartum experience!


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