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Postpartum Depression in Women Over 30


While postpartum depression isn’t just for women there are clear signs that its there, and it’s causing issues for you. Here are the major signs of postpartum depression in women over 30, and why it’s important to take charge and handle them asap.

Continuous Baby Blues

Baby blues are common in both men and women for the first couple of weeks. But if you notice them happening for a much longer period, that isn’t just baby blues.

Also, if they end up interfering with how you take care of the baby, this is a sign that you need to get help right away.

Destructive Thoughts, Shame, Guilt, and Sadness

If you feel like you’re only sad or guilty when you’re around your child, or you’re not happy about being a parent, that may be a sign of postpartum depression.

If you’re crying a lot, or you feel down about who you are, then also that might be a sign.

One of the most common ones is worrying that you’re going to fail as a parent. This is a common feeling, but for some people, this worrying feeling becomes an obsession, and it starts to consume you especially if it’s all you’re thinking about.

Lack of Interest

Do you notice that you’re just not as interested in stuff that you used to be interested in?

Maybe you’re trying to watch movies and just feel blah and not really engaged? That may also be a sign that you’re suffering.

If you notice that you’re not as affectionate with your partner, or don’t enjoy the foods and things that you normally like, that’s a sign of depression, and may be a sign of postpartum depression.

Your habits may change too. Things that used to consume your thoughts are now just there, and that may be a sign that you’re not as engaged as you were before.

Struggling with Sleeping

Sleeping is a little different when you’ve got a kid, but if you notice that you can’t really lay down when your child is asleep, or maybe you’re sleeping too much, that’s a sign of depression. Sleeping too much is a sign of that, and also is a part of postpartum.

Struggling with Decisions

While being tired is very common, if you feel like you don’t really care, or just want to stick around sleeping all day, then that’s a sign that you may have postpartum depression.

If you feel like you just don’t care about moving, showering, or even changing the diaper for a baby, then that may be a sign of something much deeper too.

Tension and Stress

You probably are stressed out about the new addition, but if you notice that you’re really sad or you’re really on edge, it may be a sign that there is something far bigger going on there. You can of course trigger postpartum depression if you’re feeling stressed, sad, or whatever it is that you’re feeling as well.

Self-Harm Thoughts

You may not act on them, but if you suffer from self-harming thoughts o yourself or even towards your baby, that’s a sign that you’re getting past mere depression and it may be psychosis, which is much more serious.

You should always get help if you’re feeling this way, but this is a sign that something is going on, and you most surely need help.

What to Do

The solution of course, is to get help for this, and you can click here to find some of the best postpartum treatments that you can get.

Remember, taking care of this now will help you have a happy, loving life with you and your baby, and you should definitely be mindful of these feelings, especially if they’re interfering with how you’re raising a child.


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