Post-Finasteride Syndrome
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Episode 18. In this episode, Dr Vikram Jayaprakash and Dr Russell Knudsen discuss the concept of post-finasteride syndrome. What happens if you get side effects from finasteride? Are there long lasting side effects? In this video we unpack what has come to be quite a controversial topic.


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  1. 5AR is important for brain health (mood, sleep, motivation etc). Finasteride lowers 5AR by minimum 70% on 1mg per day. Over time it causes problems. PFS could only occur if there’s been a permanent negative change somewhere in this system either 5AR is no longer produced or other mechanisms have in effect permanently “deregulated” from lack of action.

  2. Shutting down your hormones is generally an awful idea. I dont think the juice is worth the squeeze. The odds say you are basically playing russian roulette with mental health and sex life. Remember, this treatment is for the rest of your life. All medications have side effects and impact over the long term. I know some folks lose their hair at a very young age where HT is not a good option. Outside of that I wouldnt recommend folks rely on this drug.

  3. Kind request to the show hosts to pin and highlight the comment by doctor Simon Breidert, a doctor who sees patients with symptoms from finasteride. I've copied his comment from another Hairloss Show video ( I'm posting it here because this is a must-read for anyone considering or taking finasteride.

    Stay away from Finasteride!

    I'm a doctor.

    I have seen patients with Post-Finasteride-Syndrome and I know people who got seriously ill and never recovered. I know one case personally, where a Finasteride user, jumped from the 10th floor because he developed severe insomnia and could not relax or sleep for weeks. I knew that guy before he got sick. He was a charming, happy and successful young guy.

    The bad news is that for many people who get Post-Finasteride syndrome, it stays forever.

    Symptoms to watch out for when taking Finasteride – including dutasteride or saw palmetto:

    – Severe insomnia.

    – inability to relax, rest or deal with stress

    – Problems when obtaining or holding errections

    – Decreasing libido and sex drive

    – Problems with ejaculation

    – Shrinkage and changes of the penile tissue

    – dementia

    – Depression or just being unmotivated, having shallow feelings, no feelings of reward

    – Suicidal thoughts

    – Decreasing consumption of alcohol

    – Shrinking muscle mass

    – High triglycerides

    – High fasting blood sugar, prediabetes, diabetes

    – Myocardial infarction, breast cancer in men, malignant aggressive prostate cancer

    – Dry skin and pustulose

    – joint pain, muscle aches

    – Recurring periods of stomach pain (due to microbial dysbiosis)

    – Night sweats

    – Cataracts and declining vision

    Many men may experience side effects, especially if they occur early. A delayed onset of post-finasteride syndrome usually persists if it does not disappear within 6-12 weeks after discontinuation of finasteride.

    Post-Finasteride syndrome is a real disease. Many men suffer from it. Many of them are no longer alive.

    A piece of evidence that persistent Post-Finasteride-Syndrome is real:

    Many patients have no symptoms while taking Finasteride for years. Some patients have no side effects for 12-20 years, but get seriously ill when they stop taking Finasteride.

    There are Lawsuits running against Merck, but as this is a billion dollar market and it would hurt the company, they are denying PFS. There is good evidence that Merck is even trying to manipulate Wikipedia, which still does not allow a Wiki article about the Post-Finasteride syndrome. They even refuse to list all the "side effects".

    Dr. Russell Knudsen says that "in 20 years…" he has "…not seen anyone with persistent side effects". This may be true for several reasons:

    1.) If someone gets persistent side effects, that patient will not go to a dermatologist anymore. Those people are far to sick. Patients with post-finasteride syndrome usually get their first medication from the dermatologist, but as soon as they get severe symptoms, they end up in urology, psychiatry, endocrinology, and the emergency department. Due to the variety of symptoms , the lack of reliable biomarkers, and the poor of awareness in the medical community, these patients are often not taken seriously and receive the wrong treatment.

    2.) Recent studies suggest that side effects are a lot higher than given in this video. Persistent symptoms are still very rare.

    3.) Economical reasons: The treatment of hair loss is good money. Many men are desperately looking for a solution.


    If you notice any of the side effects mentioned above, report them to the authorities and contact or

    If you wish to take Finasteride, you are free to do so. It is not as rare as doctors and the pharmaceutical industry say.

    Remember the mentioned list of possible side effects. If you notice any of them, stop taking Finasteride and do not start taking it again (there are cases of people who developed post-finasteride syndrome after on-off medication from a single pills).

    Before taking finasteride, you should consider whether taking Finasteride it is worth the risk of being impotent and severely depressed for the rest of your life.

    Last but not least, all the best and good luck!

    P.S. comment from me, Concojones: 1. if you want to hear from another doctor who sees finaseride patients, do a google search for what Dr. Andrew Rynne has to say on the topic; 2. If you found this useful, like and comment so this post goes to the top of the page where people can see it.

  4. These guys cannot be impartial. It is in their interest to make these young men look crazy. Taking this drug just cannot be a good idea at least until proper studies are done

  5. I think post-finasteride syndrome is mostly just in people's heads, but I had sexual side effects from finasteride pills and I really raise an eyebrow at comments like "the reported incidence of sexual side effects is actually lower in the general population." Finasteride messes with your hormones in strange ways that I don't think any paper has really elucidated what exactly is going on.

  6. People who haven't experienced PFS themselves will be mostly in denial (telling it's only in people's heads, nocebo etc.) until it's too late unfortunately. This cycle will continue for years to come.

  7. It’s a thing, it’s real, and it’s absolutely horrifying. Took 1 mg a day for 60 days – devastating side effects that are not subsiding. This doctor says they only started reporting post finasteride symptoms since 2011, yet the drug has been out since the 90s. Listen, the 2010s are not the 90s. More and more shadiness ESPECIALLY IN THE MEDICAL/PHARMACEUTICAL field has increased EXPONENTIALLY. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG!!!!!

  8. Zero side effects for me. Been 13 months, 1mg per day 7 days per week. My libido went up tbh. May begin working down to 3 days per week and see if it stays effective.

    I also use minoxidil at least once per day usually twice. Using the foam. I also derm roll every 6-7 days using 1.5mm roll. I swear this
    Combo has been a 1+1+1=4 results. Be patient and commit to a daily regimen just as you do with teeth brushing.

  9. This show is responsible for me taking this poisen and ruining my life permanently. Do not be fooled pfs is very real and the constant gaslighting by people like the doctors against those who suffer, some who have committed suicide is incredibly tragic. You have blood on your hands if you support the use of finasteride. Never forget.

  10. I had terrible side effects from the drug and they never went away. The stats are fake and it's being proved and Merck made the numbers in the favor. The documents were sealed and the FDA is currently being sued. I feel like most men just keep it to theirselves instead of tell the doctor. I'm 25 and all my hormones are normal. My testosterone is at 938 and nothing else is really out of wack.

  11. These are the least trust worthy doctors I've ever seen with very snide smiles while talking about a debilitating syndrome that doctors like them refuse to research, follow up or look into. There is a financial incentive from pharma companies to doctors that have been well documented for many decades; kick backs are common place for doctors defending a specific medication or selling it

  12. I think for people who get side effects after a while or build-up I think it could be caused by a spike of estrogen after a while or build-up of estrogen since the rest of conversion that was supposed to be DHT was staying as testosterone so that could get converted additionally in your body which could build up and affect you. I developed side effects after a while for me like after 5 months and I realized I was also gaining weight and had a bloated face or water retention ( I was speculating high estrogen). I will say for those men always get your Free T and estrogen checked). Also, this could explain the number of few men who get or develop gyno. Some men are curing their sexual side effects using additional testosterone supplementation using TRT but it is a big debate on how finasteride actually causes side effects. I think everybody is just speculating but I will say take the least amount of dose of finasteride you need to lower your scalp DHT as per The Hair LOss Show.

  13. After stopping the medication, how long does it take for me to feel completely normal again. Currently experiencing some dizziness, anxiety, depression, and just generally not feeling like myself. I've only taken it for 3.5 weeks going down in dosage each week bc of the side effects and it's been 5 full days since stopping. Many thanks.

  14. I was taking finasteride for a year. I noticed side effects after a couple months of consuming it, ED. Then I stopped using finasteride, but not getting any better. I realized that I vape back then, which is it could cause the same side effects, ED. Then I stop vaping as well. Now everything is normal again (4 months). You guys are right, thank you for giving me hope back then.

  15. I’m going off finasteride since I lost my ability to get erections as an otherwise very active, healthy 24 year old who used to get several erections every day and my mood turned to poop. Only took 1 mg/day at most

  16. I took Prepecia almost immediately after it was marketed 20 years ago. I can’t believe that it’s still legal as it was devastating to me physically. I will never be the way I was before I took it again, unfortunately. I’ve gotten to the point that I can function again but not nearly to the place I was. I never lost my hair though even though it has most definitely gotten thinner and receded a bit(I’m 45 now). All of my brothers lost all of their hair. I believe that I could artificially raise my dht and reverse some of the effects but I’m pretty sure I’d end up bald. So, your dick or your hair and I’m not kidding. Anyone that tells you anything different just know that you’re literally betting your dick and your future on their credibility.

  17. It is irrelevant to compare the rate of erectile dysfunction between people having taken finasteride and the general population.
    Because PFS is not only erectile dysfunction, it is a full set of troubles going from sexual to cognitive and physical, consequences of the hormonal unbalance induced by finasteride.
    I understand there is here an advice consisting in practicing stop and go (1 month / 5 month). It's a dangerous advice. Once the unbalance is there, most of the time it's too late. The body can't recover and there is currently no treatment.

  18. I have a question. My Englisch is very Bad im sorry. Im taked finssteride for 3 years and i had side effects.
    Now about 1 Jahr i don t use finasteride and i m scary about post Syndrome because i want to take again finasteride because of my hairloss again.
    I think i dont have any side effect more,i had erettile Dysfunktion but i think this Was because of masturbation.
    Can i take again finasteride ?

  19. I took finasteride 12-06-21 through 1-28-22, 3 times per week. I developed side effects, anxiety, loss of libido, some ED. I feel like the side effects are actually worse at the moment (2-11-22) then they were while i was using it. So if i understand you correctly, it takes at least 3 months for finasteride to wash out of your system? So i should expect that these symptoms linger for another 2.5 months?
    Also, i did not have these symptoms prior to treatment. Its been extremely stressful on me and my wife, and I'm hoping this goes away very soon.

  20. You should really update this video as it now comes across like you are not just downplaying the potential adverse effects but are deliberately mischaracterising them along with their history of reporting. Saying they essentially appeared from nowhere 10 years ago in a ‘strange round-about way’ is simply not true. There have been many animal studies, going back to, at least, the early 2000’s showing permanent genital alterations. Court documents were released in 2019 showing the safety profile from the manufacturer to be extremely misleading when it came to logging adverse events. It has since been confirmed the persistent adverse symptoms are likely due to gene deregulation (epigenetics), therefore claims of a nocebo effect are really just a tactic to discredit and downplay reports of legitimate harm.

  21. Only been taking finasteride for like 2 months and I’ve been scaling off of it. My doctor said it was reversible, so I’m gonna get off it ASAP. Side effects horrible, I’m a completely different person

  22. I started taking Finasteride in October 2020. Since then my T-levels plummeted to a fifth of what they were before. My balls have shrank considerably. It is not a myth. This shit is poison.

  23. Have you guys ever spoken about how delayed onset symptoms work for dutasteride? Dutasteride has a much longer half like compared to finasteride, 6-8 hours for the latter and about a month for the former, so a 120 times difference. If it takes 3 months to begin experiencing recovery for fin would you have to wait 120 times as long for dutasteride (30 years!)?

  24. The joking tone that this video is done in is disgusting. I have witnessed first hand, severe side effects from taking this drug. Shame on you two for supporting a drug that can cause such debilitating symptoms. Not to mention, one that has hundreds of law suits against it. Big Pharma doesn’t care about anyones health and you two are brainwashed by them.

  25. Is it possible that there weren't complaints previously with men treating their prostates simply because men in that age range "expect" to not feel like balls of fire sexually, physically, or even in terms of mental acuity? Maybe if they were affected, it was just chalked up to just "life." Whereas when a younger man's life is diminished in those areas, the difference is much more stark and noticeable.

  26. I wish I'd found your channel and started on finasteride sooner! Very informative, very helpful, and thanks for easing my stress about the decision!

  27. Its placebo in a lot of cases… after reading a lot about Post-Finasteride Syndrome i started thinking i had it too only to later realize it was not real for me

  28. I honestly think it's something else causing this. Depression and all of these other symptoms people list are things most people who aren't even on finasteride deal with. I think people assume it's the medication when in reality their health would probably be like that without finasteride. ED for example is something many men who have never touched finasteride deal with. I think some men on finasteride start to get older and assume their health problems are associated with Finasteride… obviously this is all just my opinion but I strongly suspect I'm right.

  29. I used fin for nearly 1 and half month… What I noticed is.. Decrease in a perm quality..
    After nearly 4 years.. I am taking dutasteride. 0.5mg it's nearly 3 months.. In early 10 days inexperienced kind of burning sensation in the urinary track.. Doc told it might be other reasons..

    So I am continuing it.. What change is the same low sperm quality.. I think it's not good for long time.

    Any similar experiences?

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