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Post Birth Control One Year Update, FINALLY!! (Did my boobs come back?)

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed this video about my post-birth control journey after being off for a year! I hope I can encourage other women to do their own research on birth control and know that I am a resource for questions!

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2 thoughts on “Post Birth Control One Year Update, FINALLY!! (Did my boobs come back?)

  1. i was waiting for this video! so glad to hear u finally got your natural cycle back & that your body is regulating itself…i'm so sorry to hear about your acne but i def wanna bet that it's your body still adjusting post BC. i'm glad u found some natural oils that are helping and in time, your skin will get better! our bodies really do take a while to recover from those hormones…i quit in sept. '19 and my cycle has come back but has been on an every other month pattern. i think though that it's finally getting back to every month after 9 months. happy you're back and def make some more videos on your journey as your body continues to recover🙏

  2. I would recommend to get a prescription for tretonoin. It works incredible for acne. But I must warn you, it will dry out your face. And sunscreen is a MUST when wearing the cream! But it did get rid of my acne and now I have smooth skin. I’m off the cream now. It’s been about 3 months off. I do get random pimples when I’m on my period but nothing like before. I had acne and cysts all over my cheeks and forehead and everywhere on my face! That cream was the only thing that worked for me but you will go through what I call an ugly phase because it will definitely dry out your skin and you can’t cover it up with makeup because it will only enhance your dry skin. So just trust the process. Unless you notice that it’s irritating your skin then you need a lower dose. Hope this helps(:

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