Polygamy; May Yule Edochie Breaks Her Silence.

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35 thoughts on “Polygamy; May Yule Edochie Breaks Her Silence.”
  1. Funke
    Uncle Uche's statements are so insensitive even when he claimed he has been married for 28 years and yet with his wife but counselled his younger
    brother to go the totally wrong path.
    Just like you stated daddy Freeze, the option of staying faithful to one's spouse was not included 'in his wise counsel to his own younger brother'. Too bad.
    Let's not forget that May has gone through a lot in the marriage; sacrifices, children involved and she loved the man.
    Yul still has the opportunity to right his wrong, he has offended his legitimate wife deeply and nemesis are real and they will come.
    Every party will be adequately served.

  2. May is in a difficult situation …let's not ignore the fact that she's from a good stock of women ,married to a super star,and has been for a very long time, also 3 kids…Just pray never to be in her situation..because it's easier said than done…folks who have no experience whatsoever come online and just say trash….May should take her time,not jump into any 'not-well thought out' decision,enjoy her kids and God will give her strength through all this….Yul obviously did'nt handle this case well at allll.

  3. In as much as l love you, Daddy freeze and your teachings that are opening eyes, I think we are unnecessarily dragging this issue of this young man and his family. In as much I don't support polygamy- I come from it. we all know it is an age long and African things and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Even in the old testaments we have those who married more than one wife.
    Pastor Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo are from polygamy families and their mothers were not first the wives, Check it out!
    Please allow them settle out their issues in a way it suits them.
    I know it hurts but let May decides on what She wants- but my take is that if her man still loves and adores her, his marriage to second wife should not be enough reason to discard all what they have laboured all these years to build. I rarely make comments but I'm compelled to make this one.

  4. Me no see no wife nor step mother material in this Judy like they say only God knows why a grown man would hurt his family this way. Those kids lives are ruined for life watch.

  5. Polygamy is basically declaring WAR on a household. A lot of people love to jump on biblical examples of polygamy, but they conveniently overlook the fact that the majority of these unions were divisive and disastrous for the women involved. It's always the old adage of loving one and despising the other. The one 'OTHERED' wife and her children are treated as outcasts and are subjected to psychological as well as sometimes physical warfare. Imagine the transference of spiritual energy that takes place, never mind the STDs that are prevalent with that lifestyle. You always hear people jumping on it's our 'TRADITION' forgetting that polygamy was in part a necessity once upon a time. People have to be mindful of traditions that they hold onto for dear life, but will lead them to the pit 🤔😑

  6. Uche is supporting his brother. His nephews and niece will be very surprise at their uncle. As a first son, he represents the father of the family. Is this how he will handle that family?

  7. If May isn't interested in Yul anymore , there's always a route, take it!! Yul has been upfront about what he wants, May should make her choice and move on. This drama is becoming boring….

  8. Dady Freeze
    I say with my full chest that Yul is wrong
    Especially the way he went about it.
    Our African tradition and religion never said you should hurt & disrespect your wife in the process of taking another wife .

  9. Thank you sir, this is the first time someone is saying my mind. That guy still have got because no one has arrested him for the crime he committed. If that have happened, he won't be prolonging the matter like this.

  10. The Edochie family members are irresponsible. Yul is very wrong. The way he went about it is totally wrong and hurting. Why in earth will he tolerate the Judy insulting May on social media. For a whole 6 years yul deceived the wife. Karma will surely visit him and Judy.

  11. Good discussion. Please kindly address the fact that she found out about this new wife situation on social media. Yup didn’t respect her enough to tell her before actually going to marry another wife. That’s why she emphasised the point about choices as she wasn’t given the chance to choose to be a first wife or walk away.

  12. @Daddyfreeze Please do an interview 🙏 with QueenMay on her Foundation 🙏 on her dreams and Hopes for the Underprivileged Thanx

  13. This Queen May get wisdom sha. Seems all the good sides we saw about yul came from May's wise advice to him as a wife. The moment judy came in hmmm we now see the true Yul.

  14. Well said DF.. when May make that post every body collect their own and narrate am deeply for comment section….. Me I just comment saying the Queen have spoken and I hope it is heard loud and clear I even tag yul Edochie but the guy done block me for I. G

  15. Well said DF.. when May make that post every body collect their own and narrate am deeply for comment section….. Me I just comment saying the Queen have spoken and I hope it is heard loud and clear I even tag yul Edochie but the guy done block me for I. G

  16. Daddy Freeze what is your interest in another man's marriage? Yul and family are entitled to personal life. There are many polygamous marriage including known public figures. Please allow them if they need your advice Yul will invite you. Please stop this nonsensical intrusion. It's sickening.

  17. Who told uncle Uche that marriage is the cure to adultery? who told him that Yul will not find another woman attractive enough to cheat with her after marring the second wife? I hope his wife is listening? that means him that has not married a second wife is probably having affairs since he thinks his wife cannot handle the truth.
    Yul said Judy is an amazing person and so he couldnt let her go hmmmmm I thought he was a sensible man. who told him that he will not meet amazing women again? he will keep meeting amazing women and he will keep marrying them since he does not have self discipline.

    Your analysis is spot on daddy freeze, I hope Yul and the brother get to see this.

  18. Thanks daddy Freeze ,what I experience in a polygamous home ,will not wish any child to experience it,my dad married 6 wives ,yes but he could not manage us all equally because of the influence of one step mother or the other ,and if your mother is not hard working you will have to end your school in primary and get married, so to me polygamy is a choice
    I pray for May that God will protect her and the children as she run this race of holy matrimony

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