To Be
             for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

In the recent past of shattered hope,
The Occupy Wall Street Movement,
working for revolution, was crushed;
Timely Obama looked to be visionary,
Yet, was blinded by The White House.
His substitute is an oily machination
That we stand for like bowling pins.
I saw a human catalyst aglow today
campaigning  for a true democracy,
That could propel an atheist into belief.
It would appear the beast slouching to
Us will find itself in a sea of resistance.
If this resistance is filled with earnest
Moves and moving love, everything is
Possible—for us and distant generations.
The chains are off; road shown; it is time
To be. Be huge. The Movement is here;
Now, for the work of a steadfast hold.


New York’s 14th Congressional District Primary (June 26th). In New York City where Democrats far outnumber Republicans, this election holds the highest stakes; the general election in November is likely to be just a confirmation. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants to be the first Latinix to represent her Bronx and Queens district—a working-class district with a population that is nearly 70% people of color and over 45% Latinix. Joseph Crowley, son of Irish immigrants, has held the seat for nearly twenty years; he is Chair of the Queens Democratic Party and House Democratic Caucus. No one, whatever race or ethnicity, has had the audacity or the money to run against Crowley in a primary in 14 years—until now. Well, she’s a little short on the money. She is one of many Bernie Sanders-like Social Democrats supported by organizations such as Our Revolution, New Congress, and Justice Democrats. These candidates have young volunteer staffs and reject donations from Corporate PACs, Banks, Real Estate, and other business interest groups. $27 dollars is the average donation received by Alexandria. He has raised $3,354,370 for his campaign, she has raised $300,709. This is one more obvious David vs Goliath political story.

Crowley has often been accused of moving up the Democrat Party ranks, to the point of being mentioned as someday succeeding Nancy Pelosi as Minority Speaker of the House—because of his fund-raising and behind closed doors deal making capacity. In their one and only community-based debate before the primary, Alexandria said, “I think he’s a good guy”—when prompted by the moderator to say something positive about Crowley. She also has repeatedly stated that he is part of a “corrosive” system—one that will not let him champion the interests of poor and working families as long as he is financed by investment firms, such as The Blackstone Group. She mentions Crowley’s entanglements with private equity firms that made him the subject of a congressional probe.

In the bestseller, David and Goliath, author, Malcolm Gladwell, spells out how David was inappropriately underestimated. He explains that while Goliath was huge and heavily armored, he was also slow and clumsy, probably vision impaired, with an easy target of a big head for the young Sheepherder experienced with a sling (besides keeping wolves away from lambs, slings were lethal in warfare back in the day) and exceptionally hard stones. Now, in politics anyway, we call on our warrior champions to battle with words: Alexandria, even if looking like a slim disarming brunette ingénue, appears to be a tough little slinger of stones (call them facts?); this said, Crowley is no slow easy-to-hit target. They have my attention—as well as that of many in the nation. Win or lose in the end, I am convinced Alexandria will continue to be a political muse for these unhinged times. This is something, yes?



Until next time,
keep writing.

Andrés Castro

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