Poetry: Abstractions, Upper Division Sports, and Realities


Reality is an abstract mischief
It tricks our conscience to belief

We realize the length of time
To struggle in smile and grief

World spins all along
Life is always brief.

Upper Division Sports

Kindness leaves my soul
ripe with glowing storms
that rock my world with lovely words
roaming slowly with pleasure.
They tool my mind
to love myself through the stories
that use my troubles like upper division sports.


A good life awaits me
Roads unlived are Klingon’s usurped haven
Tons of beginnings behave
Halls of shame behind me.

Roads to somewhere store my thoughts
Pleasing my mind
And opening light
To light filled balls of flame.

Some gleaming realities rise
Going before my too naughty
Important hands
That grab and make misery.

Artwork provided by Naessly’s Art Space.

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