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Poems on Dylan & Bukowski: only two days left to get your entries in

Bob Dylan Mlilton GlaserOn September 02, 2021 we accounced

“When Charles Bukowski Met Bob Dylan”: A Contest

As we head into Labor Day weekend, we announce a new contest:

“When Charles Bukowski Met Bob Dylan” 

With this as your title, write a maximum of 14 lines (verse) or 140 words (prose).

Post your entry in the comments field.

Entries will be judged on the criteria of excellence, lucidity, wit, and brevity. Prizes, including a copy of The Best American Poetry 2021, will be given to the best and to the briefest coherent piece of writing. 

Judge: Jim Cummins 

BukowskiContest end date Sept 30

Previous BAP contests were judged by Mark Strand, Paul Violi, and Mark Bibbins.

See the winners for 2007 and 2009.

To see the entries, check the comments field here — and click here for a couple of others: 

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