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Podcast 328: Signs you may be depressed + how to find healing

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I discuss the common signs of depression, why we should never be afraid of seeking help, how we can learn to manage depression, and more!

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3:00 What is depression?
4:30 Depression as a signal
6:00 Depression & the mind
11:40, 17:30 What are the main signals of depression?
14:00 Using mind management to deal with feelings of depression
17:00 Why it takes time to learn how to manage depression
22:00 The 4 main types of signals
30:00 The importance of being kind to ourselves
30:30, 36:00 Why we need to get to the “why” behind the depression
30:45 The scale of depression
36:05 Why things sometimes get worse before they get better
36:30 The importance of a strong support system


24 thoughts on “Podcast 328: Signs you may be depressed + how to find healing

  1. I worry to, that I won’t hop out of it. So I go for help and get meds piled on. I worry about taking those as well. Lol
    Ahhhhh this life, can we please just be, be human beings. Im tired of human doing doing doing. Ugh

  2. Such good information,…and for me it is another reminder of how important the 5 step learning process is, that you have developed…I think without realizing it we do or should be doing them routinely off and on during the day….Input, reflecting on, writing it down, rechecking thoughts, and probably the one that was the hardest for me…..Output….at one point I labeled it…..Stucks initiative, operation Remedy….finding myself frequently caught in ruminating about whatever, to the point of going around in circles with my actions too…..feeling overwhelmed instead of taking thoughts (one at a time) and making them work with evidence of that…..operation…I set up what I call a. DO-b4 list…I picked a few things that I would do before they got close to deadlines…etc(there is a lot of pressure connected to deadlines isn't there)…there is such a relief to complete things….we think we never have time but in reality often our time and energy is wasted on worry or I can't, even on things that take 5-10 minutes to do when we break out of that ruminating circle ……Metacoging was helpful….my physical brain like doing that too….thanks again Dr.Leaf….

  3. Thank you Dr. Leaf, let me say that I can't thank you enough for your message in today's pod cast. You give additional hope . I thank God for your studies and showing us how to take thoughts captive and get the toxic thoughts out of my daily life style, I am only into about a week of neurocycle but the things I have already discover. May God Bless your work.

  4. I was a heroin addict for the last twelve years. I grew up as a homosexual in a religious family, so I've spent my entire childhood listening to my own family tell me that being gay is bad and I'm not going to heaven if I have those desires. Even as a child, I knew that I couldn't change who I was attracted to. It was a part of me, and my loved ones were telling me that even the desire is grounds for eternal damnation. I believed my eternal fate was sealed. I also lived in a small, rural town, a real heavy-right wing kind of place, so being a gay kid was like meat for lions. I was bullied regularly. I had no friends, no validation, and my family was very performance-centered, so the pressure to be perfect in my studies were prevalent. C-grades were unacceptable, and being gay was deplorable. Of COURSE I turned to drugs. They were the only thing that made me stop thinking about all the pressure and pain and fear. For the next twelve years I lived the lifestyle of an addict: homeless, always craving, stealing from family and strangers alike. I even went to prison. Then, this last year, while I was crashing on someone's couch, God woke me up. He showed me my true identity, the identity of ALL people, and how grace had already made it so. It was a shock, because it was such a contrast to what my legalistic family had taught me my entire life. But it was a welcome shock. For the first time in my life I experienced true Peace and Joy, because I didn't have to earn it. I quit heroin and poured myself into chasing God and knowing Him better in December, almost one year ago. It was only a few months later that my Peace started to fade, along with my Joy. I had never experienced a panic attack before, but I was starting to experience them regularly. I couldn't figure out what was happening. God was giving me all kinds of revelations in regard to the structure of our minds, how they operate and what kind of effect they have on everything around us, but I was questioning whether they were really from God, or if it was just me, hyping myself up (I live alone, still in a rural area, so I don't really have anybody to have these kinds of conversations with; for the last year, my consultant has been the Bible, prayer, Google, and YouTube). Then I watched you in an interview with Steven Furtick at Elevation church, and you confirmed everything He had been showing me. I immediately started researching you and your work. I also bought two of your books and downloaded the Neurocycle app. After a couple months of following the 5 steps with great success, I started to experience auto-immune symptoms. My grandfather has lupus and my mother has arthritis. I started getting scared because I thought my health was declining in spite of my progress. My panic attacks returned with a vengeance. I went to several doctors and none of them could find anything wrong with me. Then I saw THIS video, and the symptoms of depression you listed in body responses were exactly what I was experiencing: joint paint, muscle pain, fatigue, auto-immune flare ups… you see, my performance-driven, perfectionistic family always had me believing that I didn't have any mental disorders because we were a blessed family. Set apart from the rest *eye-roll*. Only in the last month or so, I've discovered that I exhibit the symptoms of a person struggling with depression, anxiety, and pure OCD. I mean, it makes sense, after the trauma. But I just wanted to let you know that I am so thankful for you and all of your hard work. God used your work to gently, lovingly lead me into the acceptance that I AM a mess, but that it's also ok. God is also revealing the purpose He created me for, His special purpose, designed just for me. I didn't know He did that! I was always so focused on where I would be going after I died that I never saw what He has for each of us, individually, HERE on earth, in this life! A promise of glory! Dr. Leaf, thank you so much. I'm in tears right now as I write this. I know you may not ever see it, but it's just as much for me as it is for you. I needed to get this out. I needed to write it. As of today, I have my own home and my relationship with my family has been restored. Our beliefs still differ greatly, but the relationship itself is restored and that's what matters to me. I actually have hopes and dreams now, and I know He is going to fill them with His glory. I'm still attracted to men, but that has absolutely nothing to do with WHO I AM in Christ. Who I've always been. Who we all are.

    Dr. Leaf, I know for a fact that when your time has come to leave this place, and you see Jesus face-to-face, He is going to say to you, "Well done, My good and faithful servant. Enter." There isn't a shadow of doubt about this.

    Thank you.

  5. That toxic tree makes me think of 2 kings 6:7 story. I think its a good analogy for the tree process of what God does for us in healing through the process of trauma like Dr. Leaf is talking about here.

  6. This podcast today was the most i have learned about depression is and how it happnes more than anything I've hear about it. Wow. Thank you Dr.Leaf. This is what I needed to hear today to take notes on.

  7. Dr Leaf you are a blessing to humanity, and you give such enormous hope and love to light the deepest darkness to show the pathways out. I thank you with all of my heart and soul.💜💜💜💜💜

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