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PM Modi doesn't know any economics: Subramanian Swamy | ThinkEdu2020

Subramanian Swamy tells TNIE Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla what he thinks is the way forward for India’s economy and why a $ 5 trillion economy is not possible to achieve at this rate

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37 thoughts on “PM Modi doesn't know any economics: Subramanian Swamy | ThinkEdu2020

  1. The best idea is to quit the chair and hand over pm chair to a learned politician.
    How a tea seller will deliver good governance to a vast nation.
    Always he will need THANKS to a national job at the cost of tax payers having zero contributions like free vaccination.

  2. If this man grows his beard ,he will look like Dr Singh…. and if he cuts slightly his beard then he will look like N Modi….. but now he is looking the mixture of Dr Singh and N Modi

  3. This man says Income tax should be abolished. So If Income tax abolished, where should 3 Lakh+ Chartered accountants Go?? what should they Do for their livelyhood?? & what Govt does for revenue?? is just Indirect tax enough?? are the people of this country are that honest?? If IT abolished, poor becomes more poor & rich gets richer. I Admit that he's a genius, but sometimes, I don't get him.

  4. Yes but knows how to undo the wrong historical blunders of opposition.
    Demonatization was important to empty the pockets of anti nationals and a lot of fake currency in circulation.

  5. What a rediculus statement.modi know economics .
    Petrol price .
    India only below 10% tax payers
    But modi make Indian 95 % tax payers by petrol and desal price
    It is indirect no be what happened people are all engaged in jobs for tax paying .if no tax in petrol
    No one go they are lazy.wealthy nation they get surplus money it gives to outsiders .the outsider use that money and come back to rich countries collapse economy .
    Modi stop notes .500/1000.why he get govt notes duplicate is spreading vast .people make parallel economy and war against India economy modi stop that in a day.

  6. प्रभु चावला ji तो मोदी ji के चमचे है। इनके साथ बैठ कर कुछ बात करना बेकार है ।

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