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Play Targets, Language Targets, and Free Cheat Sheets

Language Targets and Play Targets

I was able to sit down with my occupational therapist, speech/language pathologist, and my social worker to create the targets for these toys. When we created the materials for each box, we wanted to be sure that we were including information from our alternate curriculum (STAR). If my team and I are using the boxes, toys, and materials, they need to have a purpose. We wanted to be sure that these play boxes were not only useful for teaching our learners, but also for progress monitoring and maintenance.

Under language targets, we included ideas for the following skills:

  • Babbling and Sound Pairing
  • Comprehension and Receptive Language
  • Expanding Phrases and Expressive Language

Under play targets, we included ideas for the following skills:

  • Readiness for play
  • Beginning play skills
  • Play directions
  • Functional play and beginning pretend play
  • Expand on play

Here you can download our cheat sheets for the farm and dollhouse: Dollhouse and Farm

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