Pills that Secretly Raise Your BLOOD SUGAR (Updated) 2022

Here is a list of medicines that will raise your blood sugar without your knowledge or your permission. Most patients and many …


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  1. I have been so concerned about some dangerous side effects caused by a combination of these drugs in a family member & bugged him to report to his doctor,which he finally did. These are currently happening to this person, not "potential." The doctor's answer: yes those are known effects & tell your mother she's not the doctor.
    How do we watch loved ones become more & more Ill due to gross overuse of combinations of these drugs and have no recourse?

  2. @DrKenDBerryMD So, when I was in the hospital with "cov, pneumonia", they were giving me a few of these medications on your list, Is THAT why they kept poking me with insulin?

  3. I have been diagnosed with borderline diabetes, I'm on Cardivol 25 MG twice a day and 20 MG Simvastatin both mentioned in your video Doctor, I follow a sugar free lifestyle and it was odd that glucose levels was higher then normal.

  4. Thank you for speaking on this.
    *Are there any medications besides the obvious like Metformin that lowers your glucose as a Type 2 since being on the carnivore? What circumstances drastically lowers your Type 2 diabetes glucose while in carnivore without taking Metformin?

  5. I cried. . Years of frustration and anger. . I work so hard to control diabetes . . . Thank you for this Dr Berry 🙏❤️

  6. I took albuterol excessively as a kid and also had metabolic syndrome and was a total sugar addict. After changing my diet I keep the inhaler around but only use it maybe a few times a year and only need half a dose. Had no idea it could be contributing to prediabetic and weight issues.

    Edit: I was chronically insulin resistant and had extremely bad vitamin d and b deficiencies, along with high fasting blood sugar. I think I actually WAS diabetic but was never diagnosed and the doctor prescribing me albuterol never told me it affected blood sugar and to be aware of that. But it makes sense that any steroid based medicine could do that.

  7. I am glad I watched this. Even though I am not eating sugar, and trying hard to limit my carbs, I noticed my glucose was high on two blood tests. First problem is I didn't know I couldn't have Splenda. (Really disappointed about that) Second, I had been taking Metoprolol for SVT. I had a second heart ablation for that and my heart doctor said I could go off of it, but when I tried I would still get flutters. I had been off it for a week or two. Yesterday I ended up going to the hospital with what I believe was another SVT episode, but by the time I got there it had converted & everything started to go back to normal except my glucose was 147. (Might have been the previous day's Splenda. Or the fact that I had high anxiety, and the adrenaline kicked in bad! Shaking like I was freezing.) when I came home I took a half dose (50mg) and I didn't have an episode. But the heart doctor is booked
    into July and the office was supposed to call me for a follow up, and didn't. I guess until I can talk to someone at the heart office my glucose will be high…
    The good news is my triclyercides have plummeted, HDL is normal, and on the whole most stuff showed up in a normal range. Only about six weeks on the Keto.

  8. I was having debilitating panic attacks for almost a year. Spending most of my day Dissociatted and freaking out when I've had some anxiety but only had maybe 3 panic attacks my whole life and now I was having them all day every day. I felt like I was going crazy, almost drive myself to the hospital one night I was freaking out so bad. Turns out it was singular aka montelukast an allergy med and it has horrible psychological side affects that include anxiety, depression, hallucinations, suicidal ideation etc and way more and no one told me. I struggled for a year before realizing this was my issue. I only looked at the side affects because the stress had been elevating my blood pressure and I was checking to see if any meds may bp go up. The day I quit taking it was night and day. Huge difference. A month later I had really bad allergies and thought I could take one and that evening I had a major panic attack for the first time since id quit. I will never take that medication again! And I make sure to really delve deep with the side affects of each med before I go on them.

  9. A very big appreciation to Dr Igudia on YouTube for helping me getting rid off my five years old Diabetes type 2 with his natural herbs supplements which I got from him after I contacted him on his YouTube channel

  10. I took a probiotic and it almost immediately lowered my blood sugar to 117 ! It has never been that low and I ate before I took it. After a hour I took my blood sugar again and it was 99 ! Never has it been that low . I am pre diabetic

  11. my primary trying to het me to take diabetiies meds… yet your blood tests she doesn't have me fast.. and she doesn't listen with me telling her my blood pressures meds state they spike blood sugar … then other doctors prescribing meds im alergic to, and thank GOD for pharmacies catching them.. ii don't trust doctors anymore.. they rush appointments, filling their pockets and don't care anymore. They advise Probiotics and don't know some contain Maltradextrin which spikes bp sugar. i'm done with trust.

  12. i think the Amish people living in the mountains or country, not trusting government or physicians are living right… we all need to look hard at whats happening. in the world, greed, and vanity… with physicians. Doctors think they know everything and just don't listen…too quick in prescribing. ENOUGH.


  14. Hi Dr. Berry
    I’m a diabetic for 22 years, now on Keto for almost three years, my blood sugar nearly back to normal, but I found that if I take Niacin(B3) my blood sugar goes high I don’t know why

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