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I became a vegan for a week! Did I find it easy? What were the benefits? Find out here!

Thank you Evelina for letting me interview you:) Stay tuned till the end to see her answer questions about what it’s like to be vegan and her views and opinions on the topic!

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Day 4: (6:40)
Day 5: (9:07)
Day 6: (11:19)
Interview with a vegan: (12:30)


@Mina Rome Oat pancakes:

*MY FAV* Brownie batter baked oats:
@The Conscientious Eater

@Pick Up Limes Chocolate chip cookie dough overnight oats:
*THE BEST* BBQ cauliflower wings:

BBQ Cauliflower Wings (Only 9 Ingredients)

@Alexandra Andersson Smashed avo chickpeas:

Vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies:

Vegan banana bread muffins:


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21 thoughts on “'PICKY EATER' Goes VEGAN For a WEEK! *LIFE-CHANGING* | A Week of REALISTIC & SATIATING Vegan Meals!

  1. You girl deserve everything good istg 😍 u r so inspirational & amazing & sooo freaking beautiful! And the editingggg omg I am so speechless! This video is just a masterpiece like all ur beautiful vids🤩 keep going and surprising us with ur amazing content u angel ❤️I would love to see if u make a self care routine vid , it’s gonna be so lit

  2. I did the same with my wrists so I bought push up handles and they really help with burpees , push ups (anything on the floor). They take the pressure of the wrists.

  3. Loooove tofu cause is so so versatile!! Highly recommend marinading it in your favorite sauces. Teriyaki, bbq, Buffalo sauce even, so so good🤘🏼

  4. One of your absolute best videos, brimming with energy and good vibes! 👏😍 Julie, you crammed a lot of information and of course, delectable food in here, but also touched on some of the serious aspects of a vegan diet. I've been a vegetarian for a long time, and some days, I eat vegan, but don't really think about it when I do. Wow, 🙄, it was so good that you talked about B12, I've been taking B12 supps for a while too, and I even knew someone who used to get B12 shots twice/year, her deficiency was so serious! You learned at a pretty young age about that! Have to tell you, this sounds gross, but nutritional yeast flakes (they're a condiment) are fantastic, are a source of B12, protein, and fiber, and you sprinkle them on salads, or anything you want, and they taste like cheese! Ask your Mum to look for them! You know, vegans eat lots of carbs and junk food, too (hello tortilla chips, potato chips, pasta, rice, french fries, etc.), so like any lifestyle diet, vegan diets aren't always the best, as you know. 🙄 You're just an amazing cook!🥕🥕 Sorry about your wrist, so glad you took care of yourself and feel better. Oh, one last thing .. I used to work part time in a food kitchen when I was in school, and it was all vegetarian and vegan prepared food, no preservatives, very pure. I could not even stomach hummus, quinoa (we made delicious quinoa salads) and sadly lentils, which I love, from being in that kitchen! We had a table in a few vegan food festivals that were jammed with every cruelty free product you can imagine! The nut butter vendor alone was mobbed, and there was a line out the door up the block for the vegan bakery! 😁😁😁🙆 Loved the interview, too, so nice! All around, super! 😁🥕🍎💕

  5. You should try the Okinawa flat belly tonic powder for a week and see if it does anything. Could you please do it I want to see if it works so I can buy it for the right reasons. Also I am new to your channel and love everything that you put on your platform, keep up the good work! 😊

  6. I think vegans are stronger then those who dont eat meat. But always make sure u get ur b12 or whatever it's called. I know fromexperiance my fami.y has alot of vegans and vegetarians. When we eat together we have to cook for both.

  7. Thank you so so much for watching everyone!!! In my NEXT VIDEO I’ll be doing a VERY interesting workout challenge for a week! So stay tuned and I hope you all have a great week!💖🥰

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