Photos From Our Week – Kath Eats Real Food

What we played…

LOTS of soccer! Mazen had a game, and I had two games, one with Thomas. I am hobbling around this morning after covering almost 10 miles yesterday. 

Breakfasts we ate…

All the bagels!!! Thomas picked up a dozen Bodos bagels last week, and I had one for breakfast every single day!

Creatures we played with…

Exhibit A: A “gumble” bee

Exhibit B: Gussie

What I lifted…

15 pounds with Chase Tucker on Saturday afternoon. Which blended right into happy hour : )

What we discovered…

A pond with a bridge and baby geese eggs a few streets away. (It’s hidden away on someone’s property, so we won’t be playing there, but it was fun to find!)

What we cooked…

Sweet Chili-Glazed Pork Roast with Vegetable Fried Rice and a sweet chili mayo on top. 

I had this meal 3x!!! That fried rice was so, so good, especially with the sweet chili sauce drizzle. 

And Baked Tilapia & Vegetable Agrodolce. We loved this one too!! 

Blue Apron’s best promo yet

Blue Apron has a flash sale going on right now for $100 off plus 3 months of the Calm app for free!! This is the best deal they have offered since I partnered with them mid-last year 😎 

I will say, we have saved so much money not going out to dinner. We used to do takeout from restaurants so often and now that we’ve had all this food in our fridge, we have really slowed on the takeout, which has saved us money. 

Final meal…

Sweet & Sour Chicken with Tomato Gastrique & Ramen Noodles from the Chef Roy Yamaguchi collab. This meal will be coming to the public menu soon!

What we ate for lunch…

Salads with fridge provisions : )

What we bought…

Beautycounter! Today is the last day of the Friends & Family site-wide sale – a great time to stock up or try something new!

How we ended the weekend…

with some self care!

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