Penis Size Increase

Does Penis size increase exercise work?

Penis size increase exercises and techniques are the popular nonsurgical methods to increase penis size. The widely suggested exercises are Jelqing, penile traction devices, and vacuum pumps.

In this article, we will discuss
various penis stretching methods and the research behind them.

Average penis size increase

A study among 15,000 men from around
the world found the average penis length:

  • 9.16 cm or 3.61 inches when flaccid
  • 13.12 cm or 5.17 inches when erect

The study reveals that most of the
penis measured to fall within the acceptable dimensions of the normal penis

Studies have also reported that most
penis lengths can satisfy a woman and the women are not at all bothered by the
penis length.

Does Penis size increase exercise produce the desired outcome?

There are no evidential scientific
studies or research manuals for penis stretching being an effective technique
to augment penis length or girth.

One thing we can be sure of is that
the penis stretching exercises are safe, non-invasive, low cost, and less risky
with no harmful effects.

However, there could be some
treatable side effects of the exercises depending upon the frequency and
intensity with which the techniques are used.

A person may psychologically feel
that his penile length is increasing and feel comfortable and confident during
sexual activities. 

To feel better with their body, men
may wish to try the penile stretching techniques:

The technique of Penis stretching

  • Pull the penis upward by holding the
    penis head. Keep it stretched for about 10 seconds and release. 
  • Similarly, instead of straight up,
    pull it rightward and keep it stretched for about another 10 seconds.
  • Do the same, but pull it leftward.

You repeat it 2-3 times a day. In
case of pain, complication, or feeling uncomfortable, don’t do it or do it in a
gap of a couple of days. 

If there is no trouble, do it daily
for a month and see if it produces any visible result.

Jelqing technique of penis massage

  • Using your index finger and thumb,
    make a shape of a circle around the base of the penis.
  • Gradually increase the tightness of
    the circle until you feel a gentle pressure on the penile shaft.
  • Move the circle slowly upward to reach the penis head gradually

In case of any kind of pain during
the motion, release or reduce the pressure slightly until you feel comfortable
executing the motion.

In case of pain, complication, or feeling uncomfortable, don’t do it or do it in a gap of a couple of days. 

If there is no trouble, do it daily
for a month and see if it produces any visible result.

Create a mild pressure at the base of
your penis
  • Hold the penis and pull the head gently
    by applying pressure around the penis base.
  • Then, you need to hold and maintain
    the pressure for about 10 seconds.
  • Release the pressure slowly.
  • Relax for about 10 seconds.
  • Hold the penis and pull it leftward gently.
  • Apply pressure to the rightward area of
    the base of the penis. Hold the penis in the same position for about 10
  • Release the pressure on the penis gently.
  • Hold the penis and pull it leftward. Apply gentle pressure to the area to the left of the base of the penile.
  • Hold and maintain the same pressure
    level for 10 seconds.
  • Release the pressure on the penis

You can do this exercise for 2 minutes and once a day.

Tips for the exercise

The stretching of penis exercises
does not entail risk. You must follow the guided steps and do not deviate or
try to devise your techniques. 

Do not try penis stretching exercise
when erect you are feeling are attaining erection during the stretching

Always practice the exercise when
your penis is in flaccid or semi-erect mode.

You may use approved lubricants, such
as petroleum jelly, coconut oil, or natural oil, to ease the stretching and
handling of the penis before trying the penis stretching exercises.

Do not perform these exercises more
than once or twice a day, even if you are comfortable doing them more.

Stop immediately, in case of pain,
complication, or feeling uncomfortable, don’t do it or do it in a gap of a
couple of days. 

If there is no trouble, do it daily
for a month and see if it produces any visible result.

You may consult a doctor before
trying these exercises, especially if you face complications or pain performing
them regularly or for an extended period.

Consequences and Risk considerations

As the research and studies show, the
penis stretching exercises and stretching devices to increase penis length and
size is relatively low risk.

However, we need to take care of the
methods and guidelines recommended since improper techniques or overuse can
cause damage to the penile tissues. This tissue damage may lead to other
complications, including erectile dysfunction.

People intending to use penis
stretching exercises or stretching devices must consult a doctor before

Penis stretching exercise side

Inappropriate execution of exercise
may lead to broken blood vessels

You may experience itching,
irritation, or redness

You may feel minor bruising and

If you see the side effects to be
severe or persisting for over one or two days, you need to consult a health
specialist or Urologist.

When is the right time to see a doctor

Many of us are excessively worried
about the penis size or shape and obsessed to increase the penis size. You can
benefit by consulting a specialist on this issue.

If a person has psychological issues
about his penis size, a doctor can diagnosis and put together a treatment plan.

Here, the doctor may suggest
cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to make the patient feel confident about his
body and penis.

The Bottom Line

There are various techniques and
devices touted as claims to increase penis size. However, these claims are not
adequately supported by clinical research and evidence to prove the efficacy of
these exercises or devices to be effective.

You can try to apply these exercise techniques because most methods are of low risk. When patients are concerned about their penis size or length and doubt whether their penises fall within the normal ranges, they may consult a doctor first.

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