Pediatrician Advice: Caring For Your Sick Baby

This week The Doctors Bjorkman, a board-certified Pediatrician and OB/GYN couple, share their experience and expertise in caring for sick babies at home. Learn all about how to help your baby get well faster, when to treat a fever, and warning signs to call your pediatrician about.

0:00 – Intro
2:01 – What to expect
3:17 – Fevers and when to treat them
5:18 – How long to viral illnesses usually last
5:44 – Keys to getting better
6:09 – Keeping baby hydrated
8:24 – Helping baby breathe easily
10:55 – Our in-real life experience
13:59 – Reasons to call the pediatrician

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Intro Music: A WAY FOR ME – Nicolai Heidlas by Chem Ocampo

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48 thoughts on “Pediatrician Advice: Caring For Your Sick Baby”
  1. I always say the hardest part about being a parent is when you babies are sick!
    I hate it so much, I don’t like seeing my baby feeling bad😭

  2. This is perfect my 3 month old woke up today with a low fever for the first time and of course I’m worried in today’s time my husband has been sick I may be coming down with something I called baby pediatrician the office said give Motrin and monitor the next 24 hrs but never told me about wet diapers or when to bring hin in I was a bit upset but I glad you put this video up

  3. Thank you so much. I'm a new mom who used to be an RN… As a new parent, it's so hard to put on that medical training hat, try not to freak out and feel so bad when my baby doesn't feel well. So far, my baby hasn't gotten sick yet except typical baby GI issues… Knock on wood. This video does help me to just have clear points to remember what to do.

  4. Thank you. It's always tough when your baby is sick…but always remember that they are tougher than we realize and they only get stronger after recovering! ❤️

  5. Thank you for sharing. What if baby doesn't have a fever breathing okay just occasionally when those boogers or mucus block the airways and once that gets out of the way baby starts breathing okay and also baby makes wet diaper but the only issue is baby don't each as much as before and sometimes could sleep 5hours without waking up for feeding. I just want to know if it's normal for a 5weeks old baby.

  6. My little guy had his first illness last week too! What I didn't expect was the viral rash that popped up at the end. Thank God we called the doc who warned us about that. I would have thought he had measles!

  7.!!! This video has perfect timing. I am vaccinated and pretty much stayed home all the time but still ended up with covid. I have a 3 mth old. Do these tips apply to covid as well? I would really appreciate a response.

  8. Thank you for these extremely informative videos. With the omicron case surge, would you consider making a video on vaccination safety for pregnant women with latest scientific info? I’m still concerned about the nano particles as carrier for the mRNA and whether any metabolites of the vaccine would cross the placenta, and cross the blood brain barrier, which could impact a baby’s long term development. Thanks!

  9. Due in March and you guys are my absolute favorite channel being a upcoming first time mom! Can’t wait to come back and reference these 🥰

  10. All of us including my 2 year old and 3 month old from RSV and tomorrow we will be testing for covid since we have symptoms

  11. Thank you for this info! Perfect timing! Can you do a video on starting baby on solids? Where to start? Allergies? What to do? What to look out for?

  12. I’m so glad I’m seeing this now. Daddy came home with a sinus infection after working New Year’s Eve, which he passed to me after a week; and I’m expecting baby will get it next week. Hopefully not but I feel like it’s probable he will get what we had.

  13. My five year & 3 month old had a horrible cold but both were good. I always thought breastfeeding helped reduce colds. But I love breastfeeding because I know it will reduce more problems. ☺ Thanks for helping me understand.

  14. My newborn baby cries everytime we change her diaper or when she pooops , and becomes calm as soon as we change her diaper , is there any reason? Do we need to visit a doctor?

  15. Hi Sarah
    Am a first time mum and i have a 2 month old baby,when she was around 6 weeks she was very sick it got me really confuse because at that time i was alone cos my husband traveled for something and it took me almost forever to call my doctor because at first I thought i could handle it not until my baby couldn't sleep she was having pains all over her body
    I couldn't even carry my own baby because any part of her body i hole makes her cry so i decide to drop her and cry along with her(long story short) my mother came and we took her to the doctor and he confirm that she had a cold and its inside her lung which was why she feels pain all over body but thank God I noticed in time and took her to her doctor….we're very healthy now and I pray she doesn't get sick again cos its scary

  16. We are expecting our baby girl in a few weeks and I find your videos so helpful. I remember you saying you got the Nanit baby monitor.. would love a review post from you guys on the product and of you found it helpful! ☺️

  17. Thanks a lot guys Really helpful. I learnt so much as a new father and specially as covid is at peak in india and frequent hospital visits are discouraged. Just one suggestion, if you could create some content about vaccination in kids/infants. Thanks again

  18. Love that honesty when you say even though both of you are physicians you dont feel comfortable taking a rectal temp! 🥰

  19. LIke your content but can you ask your video editor to lower the introduction music. e.g. start the video at normal volume and transition to introduction music (very loud that it woke my baby up) then goes back into normal.

  20. I’ve been at a loss trying to find information about twins, this is my first pregnancy and I’m 17 weeks along. I’ve been super nervous about preterm labor, nicu babies, and etc. would you guys make a video about that? That would be so helpful 🥺

  21. Some more tips to get out mucus would be great, like products other than having to suck it out, even thinking about doing that literally makes me want to get sick 😂😭😭I don’t normally have a weak stomach but the thought of that I can’t even bare

  22. Hello, I have a 5 months old baby. We are planning to start introducing food when he’s 6 months. Can you make a video of any tips what’s best meal plan for babies? Like for the starter? Please. 🙏

  23. Really enjoy your videos and I love that you both are educated in these areas. Thank you so much for the information you provide especially for us new mamas!

  24. Can you guys make a video about how to keep a baby (newborn) cool while out in the heat of summer? We are going to an outdoor graduation and will be outside for a while. I've watched a few videos about it but I feel like I can't trust every bit of advice because he is so young and they are not doctors.

  25. We came home from the hospital and got Covid 2 days later. Baby has had Covid most of her life 🤦‍♀️

  26. Something i wish you would touch on is febrile seizures! Our daughter had one, and it scares us to death. We didn’t know it was a relatively normal thing at the time and i wish we had known how to be more calm and what to do when it was happening.

  27. Any advise for picky toddler? She used to eat very good until she started day care (@ 14 month), & she started getting picky. She started food while watching her shows. But now at 18 Months, she Diane want eat even in front of her TV. What can I do to increase her food and avoid tv time?

  28. Watching this with a sick, miserable, whimpering eight month old baby girl curled up on my lap. She's had RSV for the past week, along with croup, bronchiolitis, and an ear infection and it's breaking my heart to see. I just want her to feel better already 🙁

  29. Thank you so much for this video! So informative! Just want to ask – did you just let her sleep as much as possible for naps and night sleeps without waking her up? Cause I am not sure if I should wake my baby to drink or eat something. Our baby probably got covid 🥹 she’s 11 months

  30. We’re Canadians parents with two baby girls. My oldest 3 years old got 40 degrees fever and i was going literally crazy. Called 911 because our family doctor is never available and is almost impossible to reach him by phone.

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