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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous 25+ CRITICAL Tips and Tricks That You MUST Know!

Combat Tips, Levelling Up Tips, Party Tips AND MORE!. This is a quick Starter Guide or Beginner Guide to Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. These tips and tricks are for new players of the Pathfinder games as well as some more advanced tips for others who played Pathfinder Kingmaker.

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0:00 – Intro
00:35 – General Starter Tips
02:05 – Character Creation Tips
03:18 – Resting and Corruption
04:08 – Encumbrance
05:53 – Crusader Mode
06:09 – Combat Tips
07:58 – Attack, Damage Rolls Explained
09:32 – Turn-Based vs Real-Time
11:03 – Party and Progression Tips
12:25 – Mythic Paths

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45 thoughts on “Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous 25+ CRITICAL Tips and Tricks That You MUST Know!

  1. So i got this wrong i think. In the char creation do you only need to make one char? I thought i had to make 5 and got a bit overwhelmed and refunded the game.

  2. Little late, but I've got to say: the game is a lot more enjoyable in turn-based mode. Maybe because I have tabletop experience, but it makes the character creation/spell selection choices feel a lot better. Certain feats like Improved Initiative, etc, don't really… work too well in Real-Time.

  3. Surprised to see that you can just straight up inspect enemies and get all that info for free. Imagine knowing knowing every 5E enemies AC and weakness before the encounter even begins

  4. NorZZa saying cavalier isn't D&D, meanwhile the cavalier class from Unearthed Arcana back in AD&D is crying for being forgotten (same book that Barbarian and Thief Acrobat came from)

  5. Biggest tip I’ve ever seen that I rarely see is “SOME CASTERS CAN LEARN SPELLS BY MEMORISING SCROLLS” simply right click and a scroll and if applicable you’ll “copy to persons spell book” and there you go.

  6. Gold to weight ratios. Always always gold to weight ratios.

    Daggers? 1-1? I'll pick em up en masse and drop the stack of 40 if it gets to be too much and I find a +1 Half Plate I really need.

    Crossbows/Bows trend in the more money than weight. Safe to pick up.

    The richer you get, the more you can afford to be picky. But keeping the generic loot you pick up to fill your sacks down to a few items will keep your inventory easy to manage when it is time to decide what to drop!

  7. Honestly pathfinder 1 and 2 are the best crpgs games ive played in a while and i am very excited what the futur brings. These kinds of games are motivating me to make my own crpg! Dont mind the bugs they will patch them up just like they did in the 1st part. My big tip for you guys is play the game blind read everything immersion is a very big part of the game 🙂

  8. I disliked the crusader mode and what disgustingly failing at it, so I turned on auto mode. Now I'm on act 3 and have the mission to build a ziggurat(a building for the Lich mythic path) but can't seem to build it. The Elder Lich Zachary arrived and became my advisor but the task of building the Ziggurat itself hasn't completed. I have explored the entire fortress and can't find the building option, which is making me regret everything

  9. A minor tip, some classes can spontaneously convert assigned spells into a specific type. For example, Clerics convert spells into a single target healing spell. So don't feel compelled to assign a bunch of healing spells to spell slots for those characters. IIRC Druids convert into summoned creatures via Nature's Ally. By mixing a few spells and a few of the plentiful potions the game throws at you it's possible to extend your adventuring time.

  10. Why is no one going over the damn army management mechanic. Its a massive part of the game. You literally can't go to some places if you don't get tightly built army and manage resources.

  11. Arcane cantrips have been pretty Useless in 97% of Battles. With 4dmg max they cant hurt Most enemies in the game since everything that isnt a normal human ignores 5-10 dmg of almost all attacks and spells. Thats still the big flaw in pathfinder 1+2 . How can you tell that someone is a wizard? They are carrying a crossbow. Thats Not what a wizard should be like.
    Only the divine cantrips have some use against demons. 1dmg is better than 0(reduced) from a crossbow

  12. Hey man, I was wondering if you had any tips on the crusader mode? I absolutely dig this game and I’ve sunk about 50 hours into it, however it has slowed down as soon as crusading became a problem. I know there’s options to turn it off but it feels like I’ll be missing out on heaps of content 🙁

  13. Well just letting the AI fight it out while you concentrate on healing is probably why you have to turn the game on story and casual some times. That's not really a balancing problem. You can get away with playing like this in a lot of the filler battles but you won't be able to beat the bosses playing like that. even on normal difficulty The AI absolutely doesn't make choose the best moves by itself. You really need to know when to use what spells, saving your most powerful spells for the harder encounters and not letting the AI use them on the filler fights. Switching to manual turn based mode during the hardest fights can help a lot too because you are sure to squeeze out every single turn to maximum efficiency.

  14. As an hardcore rpg gamer I suggest to the initiate to take your time with the game. Don't worry about doing "mistakes" that's just enhance your playthrough at the end. Have fun boys and girls! I'm gonna be a necromancer and a Lich.

  15. Also one critical information: if you choose a class with a pet and you want to ride it (cavalier for exemple) you need to pick a pet with a size larger than your own by one.

  16. Bought this game sometime ago and it is one of the most complicated and robust games I've ever encountered. Coming fresh off of Divinity 2, it was major whiplash. However, thanks to the generously designed difficulty system and your videos, I am able to enjoy it at my own pace.

  17. Sometimes it just comes down to unlucky dice rolls on the higher difficulties. I can ROFLstomp a fight with one character and then the next the boss insta-gibs a couple characters with lucky crits early on and everything spirals out of control.

  18. All the demons I met in the first part of the game are IMMUNE to electric damage, so not sure why you recommend shocking spells. I guess later demons are different.

  19. Alignment : I have read that if you embark on the Lich Mythic path, and are not evil, you might hit a wall for that path. There are tricks to change your alignment though at worst, but the notion that you can be any alignment with any Mythic path is uncertain or maybe even wrong.

  20. Informative video, but was expecting a legitimate tip or two about the army deployment portion of the game rather than "you can turn it off", so appears I will have to look elsewhere for that

  21. A really important tip for casters. Some spells require attack rolls which do not use your casting stat but Dexterity (ray spells) or Strenght (touch spells). Having Dexterity as your second best stat is not a bad choice if you want to keep away from combat. These types of spells work exactly like weapon attack and can be perfected by Feats like Point-blank Shot and then Precise shot (which negates a massive -4 penality when shooting at character in a melee fight) or Focused weapon (ray).

  22. As a long time Pathfinder vet, I'm glad you mentioned memorizing spells. Despite my experience with the pen and paper version I somehow forgot I had to manually do this and just assumed it would work through the combat UI.

  23. How about Death's Door ( affliction ) on your character…. if you mouse over it says,
    "can be removed with a greater resto scroll or a healer in town" …. well I see neither in
    the act 2 camp. There is no "healer" that you can talk to, to remove it, and the guy who
    sells scrolls only sells "lesser" resto scrolls…. so what is the solution here?

  24. Well said on the encounter balancing issue. I've just hit level 12, been facing opponents with approx 30 AC, and found it spiked immediately to 43+ AC enemies. You know you need to wind difficulty down if you have to rest after every encounter. Sure, you can grind win, but it loses the fun factor.
    In crusade mode, in an upgraded outpost you can build a teleport building that you can teleport to, it costs a day of time to travel there, but you don't get fatigue and you don't get corruption.

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