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Parkinson's Home Speech Therapy Workout

Hello everyone!

This week’s post is a free home exercise program for improving your voice with Parkinson’s. This disease can lead to a quiet and scratchy voice that often has others asking you to repeat yourself. Simple, daily vocal exercises can help this and make you more intelligible, keeping you in the conversation! Eugene Speech-Language Therapy helps you to understand your voice and communication needs, getting you out there again, participating in life.   

Here is the list of expressive words and phrases talked about in exercise 5-

1. Thank you!
2. I’m sorry.
3. Why is that?
4. I don’t think so.
5. I need help!
6. See you soon!
7. Really?
8. I can’t believe it!
9. It’s been too long.
10. Have a good day!

The American Parkinson’s Disease Association has an excellent, very comprehensive resource packet on communication and swallowing at 

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30 thoughts on “Parkinson's Home Speech Therapy Workout

  1. I noticed while doing 10 sets of ahs and high pitch/low pitch my chest along the esophagus was inflamed and hurt some as I moved around, and didn't calm down till 1-2 hours later

  2. My PD hasn't progressed that much but I find it really hard to keep my voice steady when I'm sick especially, I have to try really hard. I want to get better at breathing when I speak.

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  7. Hi Cierra, I have a tone of voice that is not very pleasant/enthusiastic it makes it hard for me to do job interviews since we want to work with people who sound don't sound grumpy! How can I improve permamently? These exercises I think will help me too. Thank you.

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