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Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana – Steps: The right to do Revolved Head-To-Knee Pose

To practice Revolved Head-To-Knee Pose in the right way, follow the steps given below:

1)- Firstly to sit on Dandasana.
2)- Now bend your left leg and fold your leg in your waist.
3)- Then bend your right knee on a small scale and move it closer to your right hip.
4)- Exhale, during breath out turn sideways close to the right, and permit the back part of your right shoulder to press close to the inner part of your knee.
5)- Give your right lower hand (fore-arm) a chance to float along within the right knee and twist forward close to the foot.
6)- Now try to connect your right foot with both hands, right hand within the right knee, and left hand with the claw of your right foot.
7)- While holding the right leg, be sure to keep the left bent leg on the floor. At the same time, slowly expand and straighten your knee.
8)- During make straighten, your right knee places your torso towards the ceiling.
9)- After that raise your left hand and place it above your head and press it across the left ear.
10)- Isolate your elbows additionally extending your middle (Torso) as you do it. And remain in this pose for a few seconds.
11)- Then release the pose, making sure to release the stretch first and then your arms before discharging. After that come upward and breathe in at the same time.
12)- Repeat the same process with your other leg and opposite side.

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