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These painted clothespin Christmas ornaments are easy to make with just wooden clothespins and paint. They clip right to your Christmas tree or an evergreen garland or a string of Christmas lights. Make our reindeer, snowmen, candy canes and nutcrackers, or use your imagination to come up some creative ideas of your own.

painted clothespin ornaments

Clothespins are one of my newest favourite things to craft with. Because I had some leftover after making our nutcracker ornaments and our clothespin menorah, I decided to make some really simple Christmas tree ornaments that we could clip right to the tree or to the evergreen garland on our fireplace mantel.

painted clothespin ornaments on black background with unpainted wooden clothespins

You could really clip these ornaments anywhere – to a Christmas card or present, to a string of lights, or lots of fun little places around your home.

planning sketches clothespin reindeer, snowman, nutcracker, candy cane

To come up with my character, I sketched out a few simple drawings of things that would work well on a the straight narrow surface of the clothespin – a reindeer, nutcracker, snowman and candy cane.

Feel free to come up with some characters of your own too. I think Sant, elves, gingerbread men and angels would work well.

Painted Clothespin Christmas Ornaments on white background

Note: This craft requires well-developed fine-motor skills, so it’s great for older kids, tweens and teens. For younger kids, these fine-motor Christmas crafts will help them to strengthen their skills.


paint, clothespins, paintbrushes, glue gun, pipe cleane

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  1. To make your ornaments, brush on a coat or two of your base colour i.e. white for the snowmen, red for the candy cane and let dry.
  2. Add details with a fine liner brush and dots with the handle end of a paintbrush.
  3. Give your ornaments a coat of craft varnish (if desired) to add a bit of sheen and make the colours pop.
  4. For the reindeer’s antlers, twist a small piece of brown pipe cleaner and glue it to the inside/top of the clothespin (high enough that it won’t interfere with the clothespin opening and closing.
  5. Now, clip your adorable ornaments to the Christmas tree, or an evergreen garland and enjoy!
homemade clothespin ornaments hung in a row on christmas tree

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