In this webinar we do an overview of key considerations as it relates to how to secure a cannabis cultivation licence/license in South Africa.

1. We review the required application forms and fees required along with SMF (Site Master File) that needs to be submitted.
2. We discuss timelines on the application process with what to expect from SAHPRA regarding deadlines and response from inspection.
3. We unpack the SMF (Site Master File) requirements when submitting for a licence application.
4. We review SOPs (standard operating procedures), Quality Manual, Validation Master Plan.
5. Validation of the air and water quality in your facility.
6. Questions on the day of my SAHPRA audit?

Guest Speaker: Ross McPhail
Mobile: +27 82 535 5965/Local 082 535 5965

Host: Jeff Verlinden
Mobile: +27 63 291 3334/Local 063 291 3334

Key topics touched on: GACP (good agricultural and collection practices), GAP, GMP (good manufacturing practice), SMF, SLA (service level agreements), SOPs, QbD, site deficiencies and findings, responsible pharmacist, cultivation, propagation, cloning, harvesting, drying, curing, packing, security plan, validation master plan, calibration, recalls, compliance, RO (reverse osmosis), microbiological, testing, air handling, dehumidification, HVAC, HEPA, pressure cascade, air changes, ISO, cannabis inspection, GXP, SANAS, scheduled substance, transport and distribution plan, destruction plan, medical cannabis, cannabis education, hemp, hemp permit, low THC cannabis, CBD, INCB, cultivation, agricultural and industrial applications, cannabis commercialization, global, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, botanical medicine, strain, flower, marijuana, weed, endocannabinoid, cannabis oil, pharmaceutical, API, scheduled, cannabis facility.


19 replies on “Overview: How do I get a cannabis cultivation Licence in South Africa?”

  1. Nice video, very informative. I have one question, is there companies or consultants out there that assist people in compiling the SMF file? I work in the Health and Safety industry and have a vast experience in writing procedures and compiling files in line with regulations. Would love to know if i could get involved in this industry.

  2. Very comprehensive in the timeslot. Thanks for sharing. Another great video to inspire some ideas while dreaming during an IT/Internal Audit/Accounting consulting role day job. One day!!! 😀

  3. I've acquired a land next to Verena, that Im planning to grow, manufacture and sell hemp products. My question is must I first get a permit, from government to do so before working on my land?

    This video is been very helpful. Thank you so much.

  4. Curing over a LG from my harvest, grew at home and no one cared, police saw it twice (there for separate issues) and just said it looks cool.
    Like 2 and a half-3 years ago, a friend got busted (I was with him), but some guy lied and set him up, the police were looking for meth or whatever they caught this guy with.
    So when we stop to give the guy his herbs, a bunch of vans come and dogs and the guy picking up was undercover…
    It was only 200 worth and they just searched everything and spoke to us (the undercover knew me from hospital) and after they found nothing else, they let him go with the weed.
    So laws can be laws and police can enforce them, however some decide it's not worth it and concentrate on other drugs that ruin lives.

  5. Obviously receiving the license is one thing, I’m assuming you would still have to register as a business under the CIPC as a registered business then the license is separate?

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