Since my childhood I have been dealing with anxiety for as long as I could remember. Some of the things that get me upset easily were changes in routine, being corrected (or being criticized), power outages, loss of a relative, loud noises and feeling left out. But the real question is: How am I going to overcome my anxiety issues? Even though I feel like quitting, what helps me is to text a safe person rather than posting my feelings on Social Media. I text what I’m feeling, what made me upset and asking how I can calm down on my own. Even though I want to give up, a safe person coaches me not to give up or let things go. Giving up or letting things go is NOT an option at all, because you cannot do that and that is not good for you.

It’s easier for me to write my feelings through text because my language seems to be a lot harder especially whenever I’m feeling anxious. It also helps for me to go to my room which is also a safe place. My advice to you is to help your children identify a safe person and a safe place that they can go to every time they’re upset. Listening to music DID help me a lot before, so why NOT try to follow my footsteps? Whenever I’m upset, I would raise my voice, swear, pace, blaming, questioning and self-doubt. Those are the six things that I always do in real life, but don’t be afraid to question yourself all the time. Feeling anxious is okay as long as you find helpful ways to calm yourself down and feel good again. I personally let things go whenever it’s too hard especially whenever I’m out in public.

I cannot always explain why I do not like change.  I guess I just understand the world better when things are the same. Or whenever I get criticized by others, I always feel either frustrated or anxious. Don’t get me wrong, but it happens to me a lot especially when I’m dealing with issues in Real life or on Social Media. But who knows, right? The point is: You cannot keep on having anxiety issues every day, because it’s NOT GOOD for us or even me. Sometimes my anxiety is way too big. People have different POV’s on taking medication to help. Well for me it does help. I am not telling you to take it of course. I just want you to know that I do. Another example of my anxiety was writing this book. It has not been easy for me. I often thought “I am going to have to give up on this book.” or “This book is going to be a flop.” It is bringing me back a lot of painful but bad memories and there are many times that I wanted to give up easy. I would rant easily, and I would want to quit very bad. I was afraid that people were going to think “Who the hell is Michael Tanzer?” and “Why should I care?”

This thought really made me upset at times. There were some days that this would make me have a panic attack and stop me from wanting to write. But I didn’t quit at all. My long-time therapist and coach would help me overcome my anxiety. But still, I’m like that Tweek character on South Park, who always overreact to everything. Or maybe that Edward Elric character on Fullmetal Alchemist because he’s my favourite. I’ll give you first two hints about him: He DOESN’T like being called short by overreacting, because that is a complete insult. For example, He did say “Who you calling so small you wanna crunch like an ant?!”, well actually that was quoted from the English dub of the original 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime.

Here’s my MAIN message for those of you who are having Anxiety: Just let go of your bad days and focus on the positive. Having positive days is the only way for us and you cannot give up that easily.

Take one step at a time and focus on the positive side of you.

Don’t freak out or react at all…because those are NOT the options at all. You can’t just be negative every day, just try hard to be a lot positive. And it’s the best for you to follow my footsteps by overcoming Anxiety issues and letting go of your Negativeness at the same time.

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