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OURA RING 3 REVEALED // Should You Pre-Order? // Features Explained

Oura Ring Gen 3.0 just dropped! It’s now available for pre-order (shipping 11/15)…so should you buy it?

Learn more:

In this video, I’ll share my honest thoughts on the updated ring and give you an overview of the following features:

— Active Heat Rate Tracking
— New Temperature Sensors
— Better Accuracy?
— Ring Model
— Battery Life
— Subscription Model

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40 thoughts on “OURA RING 3 REVEALED // Should You Pre-Order? // Features Explained

  1. Hi for the free lifetime subscription does that mean my lifetime or the lifetime of the ring. Will the free liftetime subscription end when my rings life time ends???

  2. I had battery issues with my ring and they shipped me a new one right away. I WAY prefer Oura to Whoop. I used Whoop for two years and was never satisfied with my reports. With the $50 discount and the lifetime membership, I went for the upgrade. Looking forward to the new updates!

  3. I saw the announcement yesterday and immediately thought of your review. So pumped to see you get your hands on it for a fair review on if it's worth it, cause honestly the idea of a subscription is brutal.

  4. Buteyko breathing method. Only one measurement metric: morning wake up control pause. 100%free to see our daily status. 3 year oura3 ring with membership 300usd+3x12x6usd= 516usd. Now every company goes subscription model for their regular cash flow. I am a gen2 user.

  5. I have been planning to buy the oura ring since mid year but thought I would hold off in case they released a new one with the idea that if I didn’t care about the new features, I could buy the older style (with hopefully a discount!). Instead the older model is not on the website at all and the newer model is more expensive (due to the subscription) 😞 I can’t justify getting it anymore

  6. I actually had ordered a gen 2 ring just on the 22nd of October after watching some of your Oura videos. Got word late last night that I automatically got upgraded to the gen 3 and got a lifetime membership added for free. No subscription for me! Really lucked out there on the timing! 😅

  7. I am SO disappointed. I bought my ring just under 3 months ago. If I upgrade, I will end up spending 500+ euro in 3 months. Nice that they upgraded the people who bought in the last month, but it seems seriously unfair that they did not offer an extra discount to people who bought in the last 3-6 months. Apple even reduce prices on old generations before releasing the latest

  8. I was thinking about getting the gen 2 during Black Friday (hoping they MIGHT have a sale). For people who have never had a ring (or any fitness tracker in my case) would you recommend getting the gen 3? Really disappointed about the subscription but I guess if they have good heart rate suggestions it might be worth it?

  9. I’ve worn my Oura Gen 2 for the past year and love it. Pre-ordered the Gen 3. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Also I read that my “membership” was free for “life” hen I pre-ordered.

  10. Oura was super helpful when I emailed them about the excessive battery life degradation of my Gen 2. They looked up my ring and data and determined they should replace it. They send me a new one the next day free of charge! I’ll be upgrading but I hope they come up with a better perk or incentive for all the Gen 1 and 2 supporters. Maybe NO subscription fee at all for the life of the ring??

  11. I just got my Oura 2 in May. Pre-ordered the Oura 3 and received a $75 discount plus a free lifetime subscription!! Very excited for the new ring! And just got an email today that I can send back the old ring and they'll wipe it of data and donate it to an academic institution for research purposes. That's wonderful!

  12. It does say that there is a new charger, the only difference is that it will show different coloured lights based on the level of charging. Old chargers are forward compatible, and new chargers backwards compatible.

  13. Hi Katie. Do you have any thoughts on the size to get for the oura? I tried their demo kit a few months ago. For me, size 12 seemed comfortable, but possibly a bit too loose. But, size 11 felt like I was always aware that I had it on. Too bad they don’t have 1/2 sizes I suppose.

  14. should i change finger when i upgrade, i used pinky cause i play piano but thinking its not nearly accurate enough … i threw out my ring sizer but can i just find the size at a local jewelers ? is the rumor that you can only upgrade to same size and colour true ? and you have to send back old ring ?

  15. Hi, the old charger will work with the new ring but there is a new charger and instead of having that pulsing white light that changes speed as the battery charges, the new charger will have a color changing LED light to indicate charge status. Also, active heart rate isn't the only big update, SpO2 is pretty huge and with the massive increase in on board memory they are able to collect and process more data. The sleep tracking algorithm has supposedly had huge changes that has allowed for a substantial improvement in sleep stage tracking accuracy.

    Regarding the subscription, new customers that preorder the gen 3 get 6 free months of sub. Current users that upgrade get a discount (varies depends on how long you've had the Gen 2)and a free lifetime subscription that lasts as long as you maintain the same active account so it will carry over to future rings.

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