Otis/Maeve and Adam/Eric - Baby One More Time (Sex Education)

Ok I can explain lol so this idea came out while I was listening to this song a few days ago and I told myself wait a damn minute, does this song really
fit these two relationships on this show? cause If you think about it, this show has been giving me Early 2000s vibes and it’s surprising how a 1998 song really fits a 2020 TV Show, that’s what I call Impact, Britney’s legacy is so underrated. Then, I think it’s funny how this song has many things in common with it: sexual vibes and innuendos, romance and of course High school, it’s like the perfect package and I’m surprised Nobody really made that connection lol this video feels like a mixture of my childhood, teenage years and my current 20s and it’s like I just created a fake nostalgia video? LOL Dua Lipa wishes. Anyway, If you’re wondering why the song is pitched is because this is her natural tone and I just noticed I created a parallel between these two couples *-* I hope there’s gonna be a happy ending for both of them at the end of the show 😀
Song: Baby One More Time (Natural Low Pitch)
Artist: Britney Spears
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