Me tooAlice Cooper wrote a song decades ago, a ballad, which was rare for him, called “Only Women bleed.” Today, there are movements meant to empower and protect women from all manner of abuse and disrespect. Most recently, “MeToo” took on the patriarchal use of sex in the entertainment and other industries. Women stood up to fight and protect one another. Or, I should say, “Some another.” The movement that crafted a knitted cap in the design of female genitalia, has never embraced or supported the mothers who watched their children fall into autism in a “non-genetic” way. You know what I mean, through vaccine injury. We’ve been sounding alarms for some three decades that autism is a man made epidemic.

Today, thousands of women are reporting changes to their menstrual cycles coinciding with administration of a Covid vaccine and/or proximity to those who have received the vaccine. And guess what? WOMEN are calling them liars.  Yesterday, WTNH here in Connecticut ran a story about this titled: Can Covid 19 Vaccines Affect My Period?

And the first MeTooButNotYou comment from a female (who might just live in my town) came charging in, “These woman are NOT physicians.”  Wow!

I commented as Kim Rossi:

There are FB groups w thousands of women whose cycles have been altered or “rebooted” post menopause. Women talking to women about changes to their bodies. It’s how we pass along knowledge to our doctors who can then follow up on what might be happening. Science begins with observations. A dear friend who is not C-vaxxed but who works w a vaxxed population got a period last month 2 years post menopause completion. mRNA is newer technology, and reports, anecdotal because we are in a global clinical trial, can be helpful. It’s troubling and maybe misogynistic that Facebook keeps shutting down the groups where women are seeking support to manage their adverse reactions. Remember – hysteria comes from the Greek word for Uterus. Women who ask questions are often dismissed or called hysterical. Stay well, everyone!

The cycle of abuse Alice Cooper wrote about continues today, but the “man” is not a husband (or ex) he’s the CDC, Pharma, Public Health and all the men and women who refuse to open their ears, eyes and hearts to the damage.

Man got his woman to take his seed
He got the power, oh, she got the need
She spends her life through pleasing up her man
She feeds him dinner or anything she can
She cries alone at night too often
He smokes and drinks and don’t come home at all
Only women bleed
Only women bleed
Only women bleed

Man makes your hair gray, he’s your life’s mistake
All you’re really lookin’ for is an even break
He lies right at you, you know you hate this game
He slaps you once in a while and you live and love in pain
She cries alone at night too often
He smokes and drinks and don’t come home at all


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