Only 3 products you need for an anti-aging routine #shortsvideo #skincare #skincaretips

Skincare routines specially mine can be overwhelming and I am aware of that. However skincare needs to be customized not just to your skin type, but also your lifestyle and budget. Having been on a skincare journey for 5 years here are my absolute essentials for an anti aging skincare routine. No 1, protect, protect and protect never underestimate the power of applying and reapplying your sunscreen so find one that your skin loves. My current obsession is Innisfree watery gel hyarulonic acid sunscreen, I also cosrx aloe soothing, beauty of josen and Dr Sheth ceramide sunscreen. No 2 Find a retinol your skin can tolerate to begin with, olay regenerist, Neutrogena retinol, ROC as some of my favorites. Next peptide serum here I have two recommendations that work with retinol one is the minimalist multi peptide serum or the ordinary Matrixly 10% in HA #skincare #skincaretips #skincarenatural #skincareroutines #skincarecommunity #antiage #antiageing #wrinkles


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