Only 2 Steps! Ultimate Korean Skincare Routine (BTS Jungkook also follows) [Eunisoo's TMI | EP04]

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We’re are back with our ultimate Korean skincare gurus, Euniunni & Soobeauty with incredibly effective cleansing methods.
These tips are such a $$$ savers, you literally do not need to buy anything at all.
All you need are the unfresh face and the cleansers that you already have.
We’ve got two different cleansing treatments, one is for removing makeup and the other is for the morning cleansing routine.
Even Jungkook from BTS uses this idea so, it’s 100% approved.
Hope you guys find this helpful, and we will come back with even more useful content sooner!
If you have any questions, plz feel free to leave comments down below. xoxo

0:00 Intro
0:22 2 Cleansing Treatments
1:15 60 Sec Cleansing
1:21 Pyunkang Yul – Deep Cleansing Oil 290ml
1:56 Mary&May – Houttuynia Cordata + Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
4:45 Apple Cider Vinegar Cleansing
10:15 Before & After

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💙[Mary&May] Houttuynia Cordata + Tea Tree Cleansing Foam (

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