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One Shark Calls This the 'Best Pitch Ever' – Shark Tank

As Wen Muenyi of Jax Sheets pitches his men’s bedding company, the Sharks fall in love with his candor. When Kevin O’Leary questions whether the business is worth $2.1 million, Wen responds ‘I mean, I said it, but it might not be true!’ getting a big laugh from the Sharks, and Wen explains why he’s already living the American Dream. From season 12, episode 13 of ‘Shark Tank.’ Watch ‘Shark Tank’ FRIDAY 8|7c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.


23 thoughts on “One Shark Calls This the 'Best Pitch Ever' – Shark Tank

  1. 9 things in life are certain:

    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. Jenny's out
    4. Jenny's out to begin with, so can not even be in to be out
    5. Arsenal are a comedy club
    6. Spurs and Man Utd will never win a trophy
    7. Chelsea and Man City are a bunch of plastic small clubs trying to buy trophies
    8. Barbara's out
    9. Janine's out

  2. I feel bad for this guy. They're laughing at him like he's a jester giving them an act. They treat him like a clown
    "I'm from Africa in a small village"

  3. You give a man like this money and resources, he’ll make something happen. If he was a mouse stuck in a vat of milk, he’d struggle so hard to get out, the milk would churn to butter and he’d eventually walk out.

  4. what was that Like "Mark in COllege" reference that he made earlier in the pitch – was there a context / past reference to it ?

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