Omicron plummeting, so why does everyone still have it?

In this week’s COVID-19 update, Professor Tim Spector looks at the latest data from the ZOE COVID Study, which shows Omicron is continuing to fall rapidly. But will it last now that cases are gain rising in children? He also discusses some interesting symptoms which have become more prevalent in Omicron cases than previous variants.

Please note the labels are missing for the ‘Days of Recovery’ graphs -the x axis should read ‘Days of symptoms’ and the y axis should read ‘Number of people’.

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— Section —
00:00 – Intro
00:45 – This weeks data
05:01 – Regions & age groups
06:13 – Kids going back to school
07:24 – Looking internationally
09:32 – Cold & flu update
11:16 – Symptoms update
13:38 – GI Symptoms
16:11 – Recovery after COVID
18:29 – Lateral flow discussion
19:55 – Wider Health Studies update
20:34 – Conclusion


23 thoughts on “Omicron plummeting, so why does everyone still have it?

  1. Dose anyone know why there is such a strong correlation to GI symptoms, almost to the day, between the two years? 20-21 the numbers are high by the peaks and troughs and direction of travel almost change to the day?

  2. I am from the US and Gut Covid symptoms are REAL. I got Covid early in the pandemic before the vaccine. Gut problems, galore. When Vaccine was available and got it, gut problems ensued. Got the second shot, gut problems but not as bad as the Early pre vaccine covid . Got the booster, minimal gut probs. Gut probs also occurred my kid who got covid early, like me, when in college and came home. He, too, had GI probs. My other kid, did have headache, and muscle aches, same as my husband.

  3. For a virus with a 97 % survival rate and its latest variant pushing out the others , while causing mere cold/flu symptoms, I wonder at the open ended "well it could, might, studies suggest, " comments by many Dr.s….
    ..could the reports by the British medical journal in 2010, agreed on by the A.M.A. and a small mention of same by C.N.N. be happening before our eyes ?…of course I refer to IATROGENIC DISEASES..
    along with every other illness known to man has this C-Virus eliminated them?

  4. Still referring to the vaccines as being effective are we…. I'm not sure if one should laugh or cry about this tin foil injection propaganda.

  5. Can you match up hospitalizations with obesity/diabetes rates? In the hospital, we are seeing mostly obese diabetics coming in. Age important, but seeming less relevant than before. USA vs Netherlands obesity rates?

  6. This thing is and never has been about a flu bug or public health. It's the biggest wealth transfer operation known to mankind combined with 8bn to 0.5bn reduction.

  7. I live in Australia. Many of my unvaccinated friends where fired and cannot work in their occupation anymore. On top of that they are excluded from social life and are only allowed to enter essential shops. Me (vaccinated) and them all got Covid recently. All had the same mild symptoms, two days of slight cold and headache. Regardless of vaccination status. We all have the same immunity, we are equally likely to spread it and obviously everyone will get anyways.

    And yet our government treats my friends different, excludes them from society and tries to force them into a medical procedure by taking away their rights without any scientific basis. There is no benefit in them getting vaccinated, only risks (they're all around 20yo).

    This segregation is not scientific, it's just a political doctrine. My friends and many other people are suffering because our politicians are at best arrogant and incompetent, at worst corrupt. Please help us.

  8. You need to be careful pointing out that deaths normally peak in January and that some covid deaths are incidental positive tests.
    You'll soon be "fact checked"

  9. Any unvaccinated here symptomatic and testing positive after catching from someone who is vaccinated and symptomatic but testing negative? Seems to be happening a lot where I am.

  10. A big problem is hospital and doctors dependence on big pharma and whitewashing their failures through associations of spin doctors. Corruption profits off fear and misery. Still won't address gain of function origins.

  11. There's been a significant Inc in cases at my son's school with almost 65% of his class isolating on Friday! Agree no PCR so no visibility of the scale of the issue now 😕

  12. I had a ‘cold’ between Christmas Day and New Years Eve – headache, muscle pain and fatigue, mild cough, running nose and the sensation that my sinuses were badly swollen. I only had one lateral flow test and it came up negative so I put it down to being a cold – Looking at this and the fact I live in London, I wonder if it was omicron.

  13. Yes Prof Tim Spector should definitely be recognised for all the hard work he and his team have done during this pandemic l have been a constant reporter to Zoe so let's hear this request is implemented. Thank you.

  14. Tim, you are a star! An unsung hero, always calm & factual, making sense of the stats, as a counter to all the hype and fear-inducing media, even when you were clearly exhausted yourself. Thank you.

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