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October Themed Activities for Kids

Do you wonder how to add interest to your classroom or homeschool? It’s easy if you add a few calendar observances into your schedule. I’m sharing my calendar of October themed activities for kids. With this, you’ll find lots of calendar observances (both silly and serious) throughout the month. They’re perfect as a focus for unit studies or mini units.

You’ll find more links for calendar observances in my “Enliven Your Homeschool with Some Calendar Fun” post. The post has links to resources for calendar observances for any level. I’m especially focusing here on October themes for preschoolers through early elementary, although I’ve added some calendar observances for pre-teens and teens.

Monthly observances can be used for themed activities throughout the month or for one or two weeks during the month.

October 2021 Calendar from iMom

October 2021 Calendar from iMom

Calendar observances are great for mini units or even units that might last the whole month.

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