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Numb tongue, burning mouth, and other tongue pain from nerve impairment due to cervical instability

Ross Hauser, MD, and Brian Hutcheson, DC discuss the nerves in the neck and face that affect tongue feeling and function, and when staying in prolonged positions can impair the nerves. The cervical instability one can experience during various movements and positions can cause painful symptoms like burning mouth, numb tongue, and difficulty speaking or moving the tongue.

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23 thoughts on “Numb tongue, burning mouth, and other tongue pain from nerve impairment due to cervical instability

  1. Sir I want to ask that why my one side of sometime at evening my tounge,foot ,finger, get numb, sometime Suddenly tingling in head and all over a body ,it is a because of too much stress and infection or allery ?? my age is 21 ,I'm leaving in india, and I have health anxity nd death Anxiety too.
    I hope u will reply
    Thnk u

  2. i woke up with a dry throat and constant throat clearing of brown mucus, and a sore throat that lasted months, its almost a year later and i still clear out a little bit of the brown mucus , and my tongue is tingly and numb, and i have a wxy feeling everyday, for months, wish i had answers , ive lost 40 pounds since a year ago. i have a loss of appetite because of the tongue. thinking i have BMS but nothing seems to clarify all this. ive had alot of symptoms , wich have now minimalized , but still dealing with a few

  3. Thankyou, I’ve been hiding my pain attacks because my mom sees me frozen into a position to escape the torture of the lava in my mouth, and she starts calling dentists and ranting and clucking and pecking me and it’s suddenly so bad again I just want to kick the bucket. I have extensive spinal injuries and scoliosis and am finally realizing that this mixed with my hobby of stargazing is causing these pain attacks, not my teeth

  4. I have a really weird feeling at the end of the tongue really close to the pharynx, as if I have some weighty thing sitting there .. felt mostly by swallowing saliva. Has anyone been through something similar? A little freaked out about it

  5. Hi, I wanted to know why I’m waking up with my tongue dry down the middle so dry that it hurts. I’m also spitting out green or yellow every morning its been going on for 2 months. Also causing me to have bad breath. Sometimes times I feel like my nose could be causing it like maybe sinus if that helps.

  6. Hey I need some help Iast night I ate several pretzel sticks and my mouth and tongue started to feel weird like know how u when u hold something vibrating for like a minute and u can still feel It? Well thats what's happening with me except its not vibrations I just ate this morning and I'm feeling it again it doesn't burn and I can feel everything but this feeling is weird and concerning

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