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Not Everyone Can Go Vegan | Truth

Not everyone can go vegan. It is a fact. Vegan explores and responds to one of the most common societal and collective excuses for eating animals and not going vegan, and drops some truths. Thanks to one of my instagram followers for sharing the post & the suggestion to make this response video!

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I am a vegan activist, animal rights activist, and environmental/climate activist, and I share various educational content on veganism – ethics, the environment, climate change, and human rights issues, as well as easy vegan/plant-based recipes.

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29 thoughts on “Not Everyone Can Go Vegan | Truth

  1. of course there are people who cannot be fully plant based, that doesn't mean others should not change at all. people who can go vegan should do so to make vegan options more accessible to everyone!

  2. vegans have demonstrated that they reject some of the ethical standards that govern our society. all individuals who do not respect society should be expelled from society, in my opinion. perhaps they would be better off with animals.

  3. I can’t go vegan, I used to be vegan then I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and had to have my large intestine removed and a stoma in place, this ment I have to eat a diet with very little to no fibre so 90% of plant are off the table and stay away from gluten as much as possible so this led me to a low fibre meat based diet with some soft fruit and veg, if I eat whole food vegan it kills my stomach

  4. 1:01 This is false narrative Vegans are actively trying to heavly to push laws in states to force people to go vegan "Initiative Petition 13" Oregon and colorado..
    is a good example please make a video retracting that statement as it's FAKE NEWS…

    The proposed Abuse, Neglect, and Assault Exemption Modification and Improvement Act

    don't worry we found a natural way of laughering the animals when ever we need too using "natural organic culling " methods using predators these animals will suffer way more… while they die a slow painful death as "naturally" as physically possible. as nature intended correct?.. this is actually a loop hole in the law… it does not say we can not use natural predators. to laugher them….

    it just says they need a natural death, predators are a natural death..

  5. You keep showing a bunch of junk foods. This is not a proper human diet. Do you know anything about nutrition? Being able to buy all that crap from the supermarket doesn't make it automatically healthy. You need animal fats to keep your body in perfect conditions. Anything less than that is just pure struggle. We evolved so much to the point of not having to worry about food but instead we prefer to eat worse than a slave. Great evolution…

  6. mc donalds meal is plant based 32 oz of corn syrup bread vegetables plant oils and potatoes by weight it comes out to about 95 to 99% plants depending on how many refills of corn syrup

  7. Since you're such the expert please point to the human Rumen as a real human i have an acidic stomach which is meant for dissolving meat… don't even tell me about the anecdotal evidence from 3 vegan dietetics aka american dietetics , they fail to account that humans have an acidic stomach…… total biased……. it's also just personal evidence… from 3 vegan doctors

  8. Environmental: Go put out the coal fires in Pennsylvania there is 42 of them going right now and at lest 100+ of them around the world .


    Also More than 3.2 million abandoned oil and gas wells together emitted 281 kilotons of methane in 2018, abandon methane wells this does not include un/poorly documented methane wells.. so the figure is way more then that…..

    Lets take a moment to remember the MASSIVE LEAK from socal gas on October 23, 2015 has released the equivalent of 1+ million metric tons of carbon dioxide..

    these are the ROOT cause.. the US government does not care BECAUSE YOU don't know about them. they are forgotten and sweep under the rug decades ago MSM does not care. as it does not fit their personal environmental fear-mongering agenda $$$$$ gotta keep the viewers tuned in so they can make money .

  9. !! warning!! science !! FACTS ONLY!!
    animals,trees and bees are eating the food around them,get the stuff what they need from local foods,not shiping it from 17000 miles poluting the water and air
    "for the nature,to stop the teror ",if you care so much for the poor discriminated cows why all of you get supliments that are artificial and toxic for nature,why demanding on crops from the other side of the globe ,making the place monoculture,gmo poluted nature with no more wild plants and herbs that was the food of the last local animals,you all are blind for the brainwashing,all want to be
    radical and not see the picture
    all livestock produced methane for 1 year is equal to a small volcano eruption for 3 days,if a human eat a cow or sheep diet
    it will produce 140% more methane ,the mising proper diagestion for plant fibers will waste 80% of plant food nutrients.
    palm oil plantations are currently the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia 300 soccer fields is being destroyed every hour!
    Traditionally, many of these areas where avocado plantations are concentrated today were once used as community pine forests, so the deforestation holds detrimental social implications for the local regions as well.
    it takes 74 litres of water to make a single glass of almond milk
    Rice milk is also quite ‘thirsty’, needing 54 litres of water per glass.
    2,000 litres of water are needed to produce just one kilo of avocados.
    demand for crops that require high inputs of fertiliser, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, while demonising sustainable forms of livestock farming that can restore soils and biodiversity, and sequester carbon.These chemicals wipe out other plants and insects, pollute water supplies, and cause health problems for agricultural workers.unless you’re sourcing your vegan products specifically from organic, “no-dig” systems, you are actively participating in the destruction of soil biota, promoting a system that deprives other species, including small mammals, birds and reptiles, of the conditions for life, and significantly contributing to climate change.
    A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon investigated how vegetarian and ‘healthy’ diets could be harmful to the environment. This controversial study suggests that eating basic fruits and vegetables, along with ‘super-foods’ actually requires more resources per calorie than pork or chicken.!!!!research into a rapid global rise in methane emissions in 2016 surprisingly found that some of the increase can be pinned on the activities of microbes in wetlands and rice paddies.The more pine nuts are harvested the less of them stays for the animals to eat. Birds, chipmunks or red deer are left without food during the winter. This shortage of food can often lead to their deaths.for 2019 87 type of animals and more than 100 type of insects are gone forever from the rain forest only to make place for not local exotic fruits and palm oil.good vegans,bad meat eaters
    …..sad sad story.

  10. Question? I can understand the moral based argument but what if the person that eats meat gets their meat from a true farm not these factory based farmers? I mean what makes veganism better than someone such as that? I guess my whole point is if you or your neighbor have a farm and you know how the plants are grown or the cows or chicken are raised is that not just as good as going vegan? I mean if your getting your vegan food from a supermarket is it really better then the person that's shopping for non vegan foods? Do you know how the rice or beans where grown did they use pesticides etc

  11. Another young resolute vegan comrade thinking he is gonna change the world by his "activism". Soon or later you will see through vegan nonsense. I hope it will be sooner than your body will deteriorated and you will become starving skeleton desperately seeking for nutrients.

  12. Yeah some of the cheapest food in supermarket is tinned lentils and chick peas and beans etc but still nobody wants it, it’s horrible why would I want to spend a euro eating prison food ?

  13. I mean…for the indigenous comment. Humans have been doing a lot of rituals and traditions for centuries. It doesn't make it right. A lot of these traditions like human sacrifices were met with honor and respect. We know though that it wasn't right to do. Are there places in the world where there is no vegetation…yes. And those places where you need to survive totally make sense. But as Jun said, in most countries, it is possible to eat less meat or no meat at all. I get not everyone can do it, BUT MOST people can, they just choose not to.

  14. This is a video that needed to be made.
    Almost everyone in the first world can go vegan, or at least 90% plant based. And we need to make the switch if we're going to combat the climate crisis.
    Food allergies or price or inconvenience are not valid excuses.

  15. Your argument is a strong man argument. Do you think we evolved eating leaves off trees and finding magic bean stalks. Do you see all the cave paintings were humans painted us eating soy and tomatos? Can you get b12, creatine, taurine, d3, any version of k2 other then mk4 in a vegan diet? There is so many flaws in this eating disorder called veganism. All you do in this video when showing meat is showing junk food. Fast food is not good for you. Its processed, high in sugar and carbs and dosed in unhealthy vegetable oils. Not a nice pasture raised piece of meat that is fully of heme iron, b12, zinc, selenium and bio available protein. Stop while you can. And for the love of god if not PLEASE supplement b12 (hopefully you can absorb the supplement form). You are young now but it will catch up to you. Watch ex vegan videos and put your ideology. I was vegetarian (not even vegan) for 9 years and my stomach is destroyed. We are not designed to eat so much fibre. We do not have the same digestive system as a cow. Wake up

  16. Amen!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥰👍🏼🤗🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 muy bien dicho!! Go vegan 🌱 there’s no excuse … bravo!!

  17. Go vegan🥦🥕🌽 but take care of cattles too i mean thousands of cattles are on the street and living a poor life can we pet them or at least provide them an habitat

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