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Nobody Cares About Men's Mental Health

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26 thoughts on “Nobody Cares About Men's Mental Health

  1. What Chris said about his mental health is exactly how I feel about mines. Like since August, I've felt nothing but growth. It feels amazing & it's such a huge switch up from what I was previously going through. I will continue it into 2022 & only keep going up.

    The documentary was called Kony 2012. I remember that video. It was insane to me & I still haven't forgotten it.

  2. as someone who experience childhood trauma i believe trauma is important and people need to get it help and more stigma it can change people and it very common but unknown as in adult hood it can be effect the person

  3. "A man does what he must — in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures — and that is the basis of all human morality." — President John F. Kennedy

  4. A lot of people who talk about mental health of men actually don't care about men, they just want to push their agenda. Vogue India's video about boys don't cry is the perfect example. The whole video they talked about the stereotype, but their end message was "instead of teaching boys not to cry, we should teach them not to make girls cry". Like they only care about men's mental health because it affects women. (you guys can watch it yourself)

  5. I just want to say thank you so much to Hafeez & Chris. You have changed my perspective and to be a better man. I suffered from depression and mental health for so long. You two are the two people I needed in my life. As A young man I needed help and I didnt know who to approach. But thanks to your videos, I went to threapy. I am becoming better version of myself, focusing on myself. Physical, mentally and spiritually. Thank you so much for making content like this to help us men. Remember guys hard times create strong men, Good times create weak men!

  6. Y’all both had EXCELLENT points I’m glad y’all are bringing these topics into this channel you guys are definitely helping and motivating me while also teaching me a lot about life as well
    You guys are LITTTT‼️🔥

  7. It's because men are expendable. Our lives mean absolutely nothing to society. We can pretend to have a purpose as a distraction, but our lives don't matter. We like to imagine that we are successful and that people care, but no one cares.

  8. I listen to The Roommates because I’m trying to build myself into a good partner. Therefore, I study male psychology and issues. I have realized how much people do overlook men’s’ issues and I’m really understanding how much pressure society puts on men. Women and men are literally accosted mentally and emotionally on a long term basis. Our deepest desires and insecurities are used by companies, marketing, and society against us. We’re programmed or planted with so many bad seeds and bad systems, bad habits. I really appreciate this platform giving a voice to men in a constructive, logical, and real space.

  9. Side note related to this video topic: Men used to be able to be providers. Not so today. The reason being that a 40 hour a week job used to deliver quite good benefits and a salaries that men could feel good about covering expenses with change to spare. An average guy could do it. Today, guys have to have assistance. It’s very uncommon that a guy makes enough on one income to provide the way he would want. Today’s men feel like all they can cover are expenses (if that). Women now have to be co-breadwinners. Sometimes even the main breadwinners (possibly making more than her husband) Because of changes to workforce, education gaps, etc men today are suffering. They are working without the same ability to provide previously afforded to other generations.

  10. I went through that same situation Chris was talking about in regards to find ways to pay rent, send my boys to school, etc and my wife is not helping out. I felt I was all alone . And I could tell you it was sooooo, frustrating. There were times when no one's looking .I've shed some tears 😢. And sometimes I feel like I'm still paying for that decision of my marriage.

  11. Mental Health is an issue that plagues everyone. I think struggles build and define us, but how we handle them can be the difference between success or failure. So if we focus on becoming better and getting ourselves out there then life has a way to push you in the right direction.

  12. What I just watched reminds me of the reason why I'm a subscriber of your channel. This is an amazing conversation to witness. The Roommates Podcast delivers yet again, thank you.

  13. Yup, Men before us created this environment were men's mental health is neglected, and we are seen often as disposable. We have sustained and continue to uphold these attitudes into the present.
    The fact is men (and women) are socialized to not care about one another's mental health or emotional well being. Until we men start to re-write this narrative, only then will the narrative about the neglect of men's mental health change. Let's not put this on women either and blame them, which is something i see alot of dudes doing. why? because we place the burden of our emotional well being, many times on the females in our lives ( mothers, wives, girlfriend's..etc). In a nutshell till men feel comfortable crying on another mans shoulder ( and not seeing that as weakness or a negative thing), we men will remain in this nightmare of mental and emotional solitude/neglect. There is sooo much work to be done guys.. so much…

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