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No More – A Tribute to Holly

A Tribute to Holly

Holly, alone and overlooked

Locked in your tiny cell

How good it felt to bring you home

Your early life was hell

No housetraining, afraid of men

Even the broom terrified you

You realized that you were safe

Oh, you were a handful

A loveable bundle of nerves

But “home” became the place

You recognized and embraced

You draped your neck across my knee

As if to say, “Love me.”

Warm mornings, we’d sit in the sun

Before the day had begun

Often, I’d catch you staring at me

Your “kohl-lined” crackle eyes

Seeming to memorize

My gestures and my intentions

Oh, you sensitive girl

Upon my shoes, you would curl

You stayed as long as you could

Of that, I am assured

To you, I sadly bid adieu

I’m still here, where are you?

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