Nia and Karan: How much SEX is too much SEX? | Ladies v/s Gentlemen | Flipkart Video

A controversial couple-issue that arises due to societal pressure is regarding men and sex. Do men want sex more than women? And do they get that much action? Who craves sex more: males or females? Karan Wahi says that this is a perception that is created and actually men do not have the stamina or do not have sex that much. Nia agrees with him and asks Karan and Rithvik to think twice as to whether men get that much sex and think about the frequency of sex as a phenomenon and whether it is exaggerated. Hot Tejasswi brings up the psychological aspect saying men identify themselves with their organ. At the end Rithvik summarizes saying that despite everything, the question is regarding societal perception after all, despite reality. The question regarding men and them avoiding sex is asked to and answered by celebrity guests Nia Sharma, Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Wahi, and Rithvik Dhanjani in Flipkart’s poll-based game show Ladies v/s Gentlemen. See relationship advice in the sex life and male sexual health genre as men will be men! Get to know about the Rithvik Dhanjani lifestyle and the Tejasswi Prakash routine. This episode contains a Nia Sharma interview and is a Karan Wahi serial. This Nia Sharma series also has Tejasswi Prakash challenges and Rithvik Dhanjani feat Karan Wahi.​

The question asked to Top TV celebrities in the Riteish and Genelia hosted Flipkart Video’s ladies v/s gentlemen gender debate is “What percentage of people feel that men avoid sex more than women do?”. 50% is the answer by Hot Nia Sharma and Tejasswi Prakash and 40% by Karan Wahi and Rithvik Dhanjani. Pure Karan Wahi comedy is created when he gives his opinion on this question.​

Know what India thinks when you watch this best interactive show and listen to opinion-makers on this very common couples-question in this games shows quiz format. Watch the full episode of Ladies v/s Gentlemen, the Flipkart interactive game to know India’s answer to more such top couple issues, men v/s women debate issues, and more. Watch Flipkart Video Originals’ Ladies v/s Gentlemen episodes, an opinion-polls contest, on YouTube and the Flipkart App.​
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