new york strip cooked working mans style

how real working men cook series … new york strip steak working mans style


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28 thoughts on “new york strip cooked working mans style”
  1. steak,onions,peppers,mushrooms,potatoes….yum!
    beets,, taste like dirt.

    good video.
    i got to get the smellavision app so i can smell the cooking.
    good vid
    thumbs up

  2. grilled steak is best . I like porterhouse brontosaurus style big ass steak lol . From a real butcher is best I have a mom and pop butcher near me . he cuts the meat in front of you in a cooler

  3. "Why do you wear gloves?" So you can handle food like this! Funny stuff Steve. Maybe this will lead to your own cooking show and you'll become a gazillionaire.

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