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New Years Goal-Setting Activity (with painted jars)

With our painted jar goal-setting activity, kids can display a colourful set of goals in their handprinted jar, and display it in their room as a visual reminder of all they’d like to accomplish in the coming year.

New Years Painted Jar Goal Setting Activity for Kids

With a brand new year stretched out before us, it’s a great time to encourage your kids to think about the things they’d like to personally accomplish in the coming 12 months.

This creative goal-setting activity makes the process artful and fun.

Your kids will paint a glass jar with a vibrant and inspiring design and then write their goals down on colourful strips of paper. Curl the strips into spirals, stash them in the jar, and display the jar where it will serve as a daily visual reminder of the goals and accomplishments your kids want to achieve in the coming year.

colourful painted mason jars with curled up strips of paper in them.

Not only does this activity introduce children to the beneficial habit of goal-setting, it’s a creative art activity that all ages will enjoy.

Visit CBC Parents for our jar-painting instructions, and more details about this activity.


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